Sample Research Paper on Emergency Operations Center

Emergency Operations Center

Every organization needs an emergency operation center to help with various security issues of the firm. The emergency operations center (EOC) is the heart of critical decision making during emergency. The emergency operation centre is very important for each organization. The EOC’s core function is coordination of response efforts through analysis of information related to emergency incidents and communication with the many agencies associated with the incident (Fagel, 2010). The EOC enables the firm to take care of critical emergencies by enabling it to come up with a concrete plan to solve the problem at hand. Managers, stakeholders, and employees also use the center for communication purposes, and for looking into methods of how to come up with appropriate measures to take during emergency. This paper is a critical risk assessment of Anytown emergency operation center. It provides all the necessary renovations and other activities and equipment that that firm should include in its EOC to enable it function well.

From the conducted evaluation, the results revealed that the existing emergency operation centre for Anytown has been operating at the back room for the past ten years. The firm’s technology used at the EOC has not been updated over the same period, and it has a deficit of $ 150,000 to help improve the current situation and complete any other renovation. The total amount required for the successful improvement of the facility is $900,000. The company may decide to get the balance of the required funds from bank loans. This will be possible only if the organization has an account with any particular bank and has been a client for a given period as per the requirement of the financial institution (Kennedy, 2008). If bank loans are not easy to come by, the Anytown EOC should consider selling its assets to raise the money. Other sources of funding include forgivable loans, money from well-wishers or applying for further grant. Since the operation that will greatly benefit the citizens, the company should also consider approaching the government for further financial assistance (Kennedy, 2008).

Renovation of the EOC

The first approach to help the Anytown renovate its emergency centre is to either purchase land to build new premises, purchase a building for its operations, or rent a place to build its new offices. It should ensure that its location is in an area where it can easily reach or be accessed by the local area residents (Sifferline, 2014). The location of the premises is very important to ensure that its operations and assistance to the community is effective.

Communication is an important aspect in any organization; therefore, the firm needs to consider effective communication methods. The firm should buy new cell phones and install enough landline phones for. Once the phones are installed, the emergency operation centers should ensure that all the phone numbers are made available to every person who might need their help in the community and around the country (Fagel, 2010). The firm should also have verbal communication as a means of passing information around, especially to people staying close. This is because most, if not all, phone calls are billed and making them can be very expensive. Sometimes, verbal communication makes it possible to deliver information clearly and concisely to the surrounding community.

Emergency operations require people to use different types of technologies. The first thing the Anytown EOC should have in place is modern computers and laptops. It should replace its own computers with the new ones in the market since the current types are more effective and operate better than the rest (Gordon, 2002). It may also need other equipment, such as radios, satellite dishes, and other equipment that make the operations in the organization swift and effective. After having such equipment, it must employ people who are able to operate them for effective results in the firm. Similarly, the firm may want to train its current employees in charge of technical operations on how to handle, operate, and care for modern technology.

The media room is where all the discussion and other meetings within the firm take place. The Anytown officials must create a media room with equipments, such as white boards and interactive videos for conferencing and further communication purposes (Gordon, 2002). It also needs to have offices for all the officials in the organizations to make its operations easy.

Security is paramount in any organization, and therefore EOC must ensure proper security not just for the building but also for its information. It must ensure that the people in charge of the technology ensure that its data is well protected from any breach. It must give passwords to each individual and ensure that each employee only access information within his/her department (Krause & Tipton, 2006). There should be no sharing of passwords and employees must have effective firewalls on their computers. They need to have surveillance videos to scan the surrounding perimeters of the firm. Other equipments, such as fire alarms, guards, electric fences, and car barriers should be installed for proper security.

Human resources form the most effective part of any organization. This is because all companies rely on human beings to operate their equipment, conduct research, and do other activities that promote effectiveness in the organization (Mellahi & Pwan, 2007). Therefore, the management of the EOC must ensure that it employs people with the right skills for every job at the center. For example, those handling technology must possess adequate knowledge and skills to know how to operate, service, and maintain them. The people in the research and development department must be able to use current technology and modern research methods to make the operations at the center successful. Communication employees must be able to reach out to people in and out of the firm to ensure that they coordinate well with other organizations. The management of the organization must possess effective leadership qualities and be able to work well with others in the firm for further development activities. Accounting is also very important in the firm, and it must have qualified accountant (Mellahi & Pwan, 2007). After the project is complete, the firm needs to hire professionals to do monitoring and evaluations to gauge the success rates of the project.

Many firms that want to renovate their firms usually ensure that they have enough finances in their account for effective completion of their project. It is common knowledge that any emergency operation center will need enough funding to run effectively (Gordon, 2002). Firms should be able to get funds from the right organizations so that they do not incur debts after the project is complete. The center must make use modern methods of technology in their premises to help them gather and interpret information of different kinds to ensure effective work. Human resources are very important parts of any organizations. Many firms around the world have succeeded in their operation because they employed the most effective and efficient employees (Sims & Knowledge 2010). It is important for a firm to hire the most qualified employees because it needs these people to meet its goals and objectives. Employees will also be able to ensure that the organization work hand in hand with the members of the community in order to ensure success. It is important for any firm to work hand in hand with other officials within the community to serve its clients well. Security to the premises and to information stored in a firm’s database should be well protected from malicious people (Sims & Knowledge 2010). This is because any source of information makes every organization unique from other existing firms of similar nature.




As stated in the introduction, an emergency operation center is the place where all emergency issues are tackled within an organization. Therefore, the center must have all the necessary equipment to make its operations effective. It must work together with the community to deliver the best services. Information security is also important for the center to consider safeguarding its data and premises. It should hire the best human resources to achieve its goals and objectives. This is very important to promote growth of every firm. The firm must also have effective communication strategies in place to make its operations e


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