Sample Research Paper on Emerging Media and Network Security

Emerging Media and Network Security


Web conferencing, which is also known as computer conferencing, or internet-based conferencing makes it possible for an individual to interact or conduct live meetings over the internet with other participants. Mostly, the participants must be sharing a common goal of interest. The visual bit of the interaction is displayed on the computer screen of the participant. The audio bit is transmitted concurrently via a telephone or over VoIP (internet).

In recent times, email has been perceived as a corporate benefit. Nowadays, the connectivity of email is relied upon by most of the employees in their every day’s program. Today, rich media solutions for internet-based-conferencing and collaboration, whereby the technologies of video and internet conferencing smoothens the progress, have been making great positive change in the corporate world (Spielman & Winfeld, 2003).

No matter what business or company one is running, the success of that business is largely grounded on how excellent is the process of decision making, and the expertise at which the players can act upon those decisions.  Both the process of making a decisions and implementing the decisions greatly depend on how excellent is the organization’s communications system.  If an organization has an excellent communication system, this assists the organization to make informed and effective decisions and enhanced end results after the implementation of those is made. The next tools for enhancing the capabilities of business communication from where the communication via telephones and emails left are Web conferencing and teamwork.

Web conferencing and collaborations tools are the key tools that can truly help an organization to quickly respond to the customer demands, act upon the concerns customer support, and  respond to every forthcoming opportunity that pops up in the market, and this helps the organization to encounter all competitors’ threat. These specific tools will connect all the lines of management as tools that will assist an organization to contend in the global economy irrespective of whether the organization will use it as a means of cutting short the incurred costs in the organization or whether the organization’s main objective is to use it to increase productivity.  Therefore, it is very vital to know the types of application to be used, and the ones that are most consistent for the organization.

Web conferencing together with teamwork have attained improved levels of user-friendliness, reliability, and convenience after a long time of unfulfilled promises (Coleman & Levine, 2008).  Various technologies have been integrated into the central communication systems of different enterprises, and they assist in re-inventing the processes in different businesses.  Powerful Hardwares, Softwares, and new services are some of the fundamentals that are assisting the venture of web conferencing to be more functional.  These elements are helping the web conferencing venture to be easier and more cost friendly.  Web conferencing helps in creating work teams, which are very efficient by helping organizations with the means of creating good interaction with suppliers and clients, and assist in the management of global resources.

Case Study on Coca Cola Kenya

Coca Cola Company is an international company that has many plants across the world. In Kenya, the company has various bottling stations in different provinces across the nation.  The head offices are in the capital city of the country. The company conducts their meetings in most cases with different management personnel from all the bottling plants.  The meetings are carried out at the head office, and each staff who is accountable has to travel to the headquarter.  The management personnel are informed through mobile phones concerning the date, time, and venue of the meeting. Some staffs who come from far provinces are required to commute earlier, prior to the meeting’s date, in order to arrive in due time.  Otherwise, they have to conduct their meeting via group phone calls.

Besides, in times of recruitments, the company calls the applicants to the head office for assessments and selections. The recruits incur high travelling cost since others come from far provinces, and are required to commute earlier, prior to the interview date. They at times have to spend in hotels and guest houses. The company hence incurs various operating costs when they intend to carry out an interview.  These expenses includes the staff travel cost, the cost of hotel, foodstuff, and taxis. In addition, the company experiences time wastage during the interviews since those conducting the interview have to carry out the whole process until they get the desired results. If this company implements the use of web conferencing in their daily business, they might boost their productivity in various ways.

Tindall Corp. also encouraged the use of web conferencing as a solution to minimize travel time and expenses, and continue to encourage the collaboration of employees. In the first year, Tindall Corp. was anticipating to cut down about $100,000 to $200,000, which is incurred by the employees in travelling.

If the Coca Cola Kenya implements the use of web conferencing, they are likely to save much time and more funds.  They will also be able to increase their yield since they will have less time wasted, and get the correct candidate for the positions they advertise. The Coca-Cola Company will save a lot if they invest in the web conferencing.



Benefits of Internet-Based Conferencing

Soft Benefits

If Coca Cola Company implements the use of web conferencing, it will definitely achieve soft benefits that are usually under-appreciated since they cannot be measured with accurateness, and they are also complex.  Some soft benefits that a company is likely to benefit from if they implement web conferencing are:

  • Short-Time-to-Market and Speedy Decision Making – Contemporary companies like the Tindall Corp. and Coca Cola Kenya with structures that are team-oriented means that different decisions require insight and endorsement by different sources. Web conferencing is going to help the Coca Cola Kenya to facilitate meetings that will enable dispersed teams to cooperate with each other with ease, solve problems, and rapid harmonization within an organization. Short time-to-market results in the uppermost payoffs in today’s competitive business world. Through the tools of internet-based conferencing in an organization, the employees will be able to locate one another instantly, and communicate in spite of the distance, and resolve customer issues without time wasting as with email exchange and voicemails.  The outcome will be faster solutions to a problem, reduced employee disappointments, and enhanced customer faithfulness and satisfaction.
  • Efficiency / Productivity – Web conferencing on demand will result in instant advanced productivity, and this will save more time for the employees of Coca Cola Kenya Company if they combine the tools of web conferencing during their daily working program. The outcome will have an instant effect as it evident with Tindall Corp.
  • Web conferencing and higher impacts will help an organization to instill more efforts into their conference calls and meetings, especially when compared with a meeting that has audio only (e.g. phone). Meetings are supposed to have less work interruption and be more effective, and web conferencing guarantee this benefit. Research has revealed that meetings conducted through web conferencing are taking less shorter time than the in-person meetings, and this yield in time wastage (Roebuck, 2012).
  • If an organization’s adopts video conferencing, it will gain competitive advantage while recruiting. If an organization embarks on recruiting via web conferencing as a substitute of flying the recruiting teams and the interviewees from different parts of the world, it will be capable to evaluate more candidates from different regions of the world, in shorter time, and with reduced disruption to the plans of the executives and cost, therefore making better hiring decisions.  Through this web conferencing tool, an organization will be able to create teams that are strong that are dispersed and support distant workforce.
  • Better Reach – Most of the organizations needs a personal link between the consumer and the organization. Web conferencing will help an organization to expand their global reach without overstraining their workers with too much business engagements.

As discovered from these two companies, the Tindall Corp. and Coca Cola Company, the soft benefits that emanate from the use of electronic meeting tools (web conferencing) are very significant, even though they are usually intricate and ambiguous to measure or verify with total accurateness.

Hard Benefits

This type of benefits can be easily quantified, and are clearly understood in terms of expenses and profits. Most of the monetary managers and executives target hard benefits since they can be assigned the dollar value. The main web conferencing hard benefit that Coca Cola will achieve is eradication of airfare, cost of meals, car services, reduction of travel cost, and hotels.

Web conferencing gives employees the alternative of not being present, and still be connected and productive while balancing lifestyle and job equation.  Soon, web conferencing is anticipated to be the support for fresh ways that will enhance the capacity to unite and sell at anytime, anywhere, and reaching potential customers.


















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