Sample Research Paper on Foods and Beverages Assignment

Foods and Beverages Assignment


The paper will comprise of comprehensive analysis of the various foods and beverages to be served to various guests in a party. The guests include 50 adults, 10 children making a total of 60 guests. Among the 50 adults, 10 are vegetarian and 4 diabetes guests. The paper will show the different food and beverages to be supplied to the guests alongside their needs.  The overall costs of the foods and beverages will be budgeted at £1000.  Aumbry is a top restaurant in UK located in Manchester that would help in delivering the foods and beverages (Arnoldi, 2004, p.87). In order to ensure quality services the managers of the hotel are required to communicate well with the organizers as well as instituting qualified employees in the company. Other standards should be maintained during the event including enhanced safety and security to avoid any breaches of security.  It is also crucial for the manager to enhance cleanliness of the halls and other equipments involved in serving the guests (Barrish, 2012, p.129).  The maintenance of high level of hygiene assists in protecting the safety and health of the guests to support complete enjoyment of the foods and beverages served by the company. Additionally the paper will analyze the factors that influences of success of services in the hospitality. The analysis provides the managers with the major factors to focus on while delivering services to the customers.

Food and Beverage Menu

The food and beverage menu provides a well organization of the different foods and beverages distributed among the various guests. The table 1 below shows breakdown of the various foods varieties to be offered to the guests during the effects.

 Table 1:

Food and Beverage Menu

   Food and Beverages Description Cost/Price(£)
1.  Lacto Vegetarian dish and Big apple bunch and Cherry drinks   The meal does not contain any meat that would lead to adverse health consequences into their bodies. The juice is light sweet with cider added with cocktails. The beverages are refreshing for all vegetarians and adults. On the other hand, Cherry is flavored with extra thick texture that offers quality taste. 250
2. Cooked brown rice and  Tomato-Herb Marinated Flank Steak and  skim milk The dish is well suited to the diabetic adults in the party. It would not have any health consequences in their bodies. The skim milk would be a nutritious beverage to offer the diabetic persons. 250
3.  Chicken, goat’s cheese and cherry tomato bake  The dish would be suitable to all adults not diabetic and non-vegetarians. The meal is delicious with an amazing taste and delicacy 350
4.   It is one of the well-served meals for children. The food dish and beverage offers an amazing experience to the children. Thus, the dish would more appropriate for the 10 children at low costs. 150
Total     £1000


The staffs to ensure that the customers are satisfied will use various serving styles. First, the children will be served using the dining table serving style. Thus, they will find their foods already arranged wells in their small tables. On the other hand, the adults will use the buffet self service line. The serving style requires all the persons to queue for their meals. The beverages for the guests will be taken to their dining tables after they have settled (Pizam, 2012, p.24). Nevertheless, the managers and organizers must agree on the sitting arrangement to avoid any confusion.


Planned Service Maintaining Standards of Quality and Health, Safety, and Security

As Aumbry provides a range of hotel services ranging from catering to serving the customers, it must improve the quality and health of the food products and services.  The hotel is regulated by the hospitality requirements that promote compliance with safeguarding the health of the customers. Some of components of quality standards that must be maintained includes the considering the number of guests to be served (Myung, McClaren, & Li, 2012, p.189). The waiters and management must communicate well to ensure that the guests including the vegetarians, children and the diabetic guests are served well.  In the party, the guest needs different types of foods and beverages due to their health status and age in the case of the children. It is crucial to determine the foods and beverages to be consumed by the guests.  Maintaining standards of quality is also relevant to evaluating the delivery services provided in the hotel. This implies the procedures needed to deliver the services to the guests.

Another element of maintaining quality and health in the hotel is the placement of highly trained staffs. The staffs play a crucial role in serving and preparing the meals to be consumed by the guests. Thus, the staffs would be well trained and empowered on the various service delivery processes. This enhances the provision of the best practices needed for quality and health in the hotel. During the event, the management should seek for well-trained and qualified staffs to serve and attend to the guests (Mc Guire & Beerman, 2012, p.120). Also, the staffs should match the standards and expectations of the guests. Since, some hotels comprise of staffs who cannot communicate in English and other official languages affecting the quality of services delivered. The hotel should also have relevant equipments that safeguard the quality of foods and beverages. Such equipments include refrigerators and air conditioners. The air conditioners maintain an ambient air conditions in the hall making the guests comfortable.

In addition, safety and security would be improved in the party by imposing relevant emergencies and programs to handle any possible risks. The staffs should well aware of the emergencies systems in order to promote the safeguard the health of the guests in case of any emergencies. Thus, creating a proper emergency response and orientation is appropriate in promoting the safety and security of the guests during the party (Whitney & Rolfes, 2012, p.67). However, the security systems should be maintained depending on the nature of activities that will take place in the events. The organizers of the party and the management should discuss on the events to ensure adequate security and safety of the guests.

Factors to Determine the Success of the Service

In the hospitality industry, various factors can be used to illustrate the level of success of the services. First, the provision of high quality foods and services to the clients shows the success to hotel. It is important for any services company to ensure that the products are of the highest quality standards. Another factor is the empowering and training of staffs. In providing customer services, the staffs are expected to be well trained to promote service delivery.  Empowered staffs are able to meet the customer experience expectations as well as dealing with any challenges emerging during service delivery. Thus, well-trained and empowered staffs illustrate the success of services provided in the hotels (Miller, 2009, p.212). In addition, the factor of flexibility is relevant in measuring the level of success of the hotel services. If a hotel is highly flexible, it can be said to be highly successful in service delivery.  In our case, the customers have different expectations and needs due to their health and age differences. For instance, the hotel would be expected to meet the needs of the children attending the party as well as the adults. Thus, the manager must be flexible enough to accommodate the varied needs of the customers.

The managers of the hotels are in the pole position to enhance the flexibility of the staffs and services provision to the customers. Effective quality management is an element that can also measure the success of the services provided to the customers. Quality management ensues that the customers are highly satisfied with the services offered by the organisation including foods delivery and excellent customer services. Quality management is enhanced by meeting the taste and preferences of the customers. Therefore, the success of service can be determined by the quality management, flexibility, quality and the empowering of staffs in the organisation.

Recommendations for Improvement

I would recommend Aumbry to identify and mitigate any risks associated with serving the customers their foods and beverages. During the provision of the services, the manager should install relevant tools to minimise the risks obtained. Also, It would be recommendable to differentiate and improve the efficiency of the services in order to meet the expectations of the guests. The invited guests are people from high class who expect quality and efficiency of the hotel services. Thus, I think efficiency and improved differentiation of the services would be helpful in promoting quality and health of the food products and services. Other areas that requires improvements include the operations of the hotels in terms of quality, cleanliness, maintain and the quality of the physical infrastructures. The manager should improve the current level of cleanliness and quality of the physical equipments in order to promote quality and health of services.

Most important, the general level of safety and security should be improved through the installation of technological devices on the physical building to monitor and screen the entry of unauthorised persons. This promotes the security of the guests and their property. Most clubs and restaurants do not provide for the security and safety of the customer’s properties. However, the event will require the manger to ensure that all personal properties including mobile phones and wallets are well protected from theft. Thus, I would recommend regular screening of the guests to minimize theft (Balch, 2003, p.120). There should be an entry lockdown to allow guests with official invitation to the party. Therefore, the implementation of the various recommendations would promote and maintain quality and health as well as safeguarding security of the guests and their property.


In summary, the paper provides a proper analysis of foods and beverages supplied various guests in the party at Aumbry. It is important for the organizers to plan well for 60 guests to be served during the party.  Since, unauthorized persons would increase the planned costs for the event. It calls for improved security measures to restrict the entry of unauthorized persons to the party. The factor that influences the success of services includes flexibility, quality management and proper staff training and empowerment. Flexibility ensures that the organization is able to meet the different needs and expectations of the customers. For instance, diabetic, vegetarians and children consumes different foods and beverages. Aumbry should improve the level of staff training, quality and security measures to enhance quality service delivery.





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