Sample Research Paper on Health IT Current Trends

Health IT Current Trends

Pennsylvania Medicare telehealth legislation supports cost reimbursement based on the provision of live video specialty services. The eligible service providers include physicians, registered nurses, certified midwives, and providers under a managed care system (HAP, 2020). The use of interactive video is required for the services to qualify for reimbursement on the condition that a patient is present at the originating site. The originating sites include hospitals, rural health clinics, skilled nursing facilities, community mental health centers, and critical access hospitals (HAP, 2020). Consequently, to practice telemedicine in Pennsylvania, the health care providers must be licensed and demonstrate a good reputation. The healthcare service providers are required to present further details to the Pennsylvania licensing boards. These details include precise names, addresses, telephone numbers, license types, and numbers, as well as federal or state bodies that issued previous practicing licenses. Telehealth is essential in improving the contact between patients and healthcare providers in an attempt to enhance better disease management and enhanced patient satisfaction. Telehealth delivers life-saving care and routine medical services at a suitable time and in the right setting.

Crowdsourced social media data helps in building community relationships during disaster response. The built relationships help identify and monitor potential public health issues like flu infections affecting the population. Per Keenan (2014), the crowdsourced flu tracking app provides aggregated data about flu activity in diverse geographical locations. The data is subsequently shared on social media platforms to caution and inform people about the nature of flu infections in various regions. In addition, social media provides the increased capability of tracking disasters and issuing early warnings. However, the use of crowdsourced social media data is impeded by the inability of many segments of the population to utilize social media as a mode of communication. Furthermore, social media may not provide accurate information regarding disasters.


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