Sample Research Paper on Impacts of Crime on Community

Crime refers to any act that is punishable by law). Criminal offense can be caused by
poverty among members of the society, negligence and drug abuse. Crime does not affect
individuals only, but it also affects the society in many negative ways. Criminal offence leads to
distrust among of the society, declining of communities and underdevelopment.
First, Crime bring forth intuition and mistrust among community members. Crime and its
perception influences people to yield self-protective security steps and avoiding others. This
action leads to the formation of barriers between the community members. The decrease of
social contact among the members of the society and the diminution of the natural observation of
public areas weaken the informal societal control in the society (Collins, 2015). People raised
from these communities lacks the values and behavior that fosters the law-abiding behavior.
Therefore, crime will lead to distrust among the members of the society.
In addition, Crime leads to change in the economy, and development of a community.
Communities will spend public and development funds on police departments, prisons, jails and
payment of judges and prosecutors (Hirschi, 2015). The fund spent on these services are meant
for development but will be used in dealing with crimes in the society, and thus, leading to
underdevelopment in the communities.
Also, Crime leads to the decline of a community. A community can decline in number
due to crime associated factors. Crime is accompanied by killing and robbery, which would
decrease the number of persons in the society. Increase in crime rates will lead to the migration
of people from the affected area to safer grounds in search of safety and others being imprisoned
due to association with the crime activities therefore, leading to decline in to the population of a
community. There many inmates who are associated with crime in every year leading to the

decline in numbers of some communities (Blumstein, 2018). These may result to declining of a
Evidently, crime has some major impacts of the society such as declining, distrust among
members, underdevelopment and many others. However, the society can decrease the rate of
crime by teaching good morals, improving street lighting and creating job opportunities to the



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