Sample Research Paper on Leadership Strategies

Leadership Strategies

Effective leadership is an integral aspect for any group in the enhancement of teamwork and cooperation among the members. Therefore, effective leadership should involve strategies that foster teamwork through the adoption of various strategies. As a police sergeant, one is often faced with situations where one has to take a leadership role such as when dealing with angry mobs, community service, police service programs, among others. One of the integral strategies for enhancement teamwork for any group is ensuring that the members have a clear agenda for performing their work (DuBrin, 2012). Setting the mission statement and agenda fosters a sense of direction among the members since they are working towards the achievement of a specific goal. The mission allows the group members to communicate and interact with each other since having similar agendas acts as a means for bridging the communication gap.

Another effective strategy for fostering teamwork is the enhancement of trust between the leader and the team members. This trust has to be nurtured in a manner that promotes not only the leader’s trust for his team members but also the team members’ trust for their leader (DuBrin, 2012). The achievement of this objective lies primarily with the leader since he/she is responsible for creating the workplace environment. For instance, whenever the patrol police sergeant meets a person breaking the law, he must show professionalism when dealing with the criminal. This will immediately create an environment of authority and adherence to the law that the criminal will also adhere to since he/she trusts that the police sergeant will dispense his duties in accordance with the law. Therefore, it is paramount that both the leader and the team members generate a sense of trust among themselves to foster better communication and dealing or interacting with each other.


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