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2.1| Artist  Profile

Casey Parrish comes from the small town of Lagrange GA. She began to sing songs about her dog and toys the second she could talk. In the 4th grade she sang the Star Spangled Banner for her music teacher after which she was asked to sing it at all the important school programs/graduations. She got her first solo in 5th grade for the Christmas program. After elementary school she was in chorus off and on in school. In high school years she focused more on sports, theater, and grades. After graduation she sang karaoke here and there. She used the song ideas she had to write all kinds of lyrics and melodies. Upon graduating cosmetology school she realized that she would never be happy until she pursued her dream. She auditioned for The Voice in Atlanta and qualified but urban hip hop. She also auditioned and made it at the American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studio. She moved to Orlando FL in 2012 to attend Full Sail University where she met people who were willing to record music. She started recording covers of songs with friends. Two years later, she got in contact with someone who had a studio in Florida with whom she played melodies. Using instrumentals she released her original song “Letting Go”. Casey Parrish is still discovering herself as an artist. She is currently writing and saving money to record more songs. Her goal is to record an entire album and sign with a label so I can perform all over the world.


2.1.1| Artist Description

Casey Parrish is a humble artist, she appreciates her fans meets you with a smile anytime you bump into her in the streets. She a very composed and balanced in her art.

Casey Parrish reaches out to the corporate world. Her corporate values has helped her to succeed in penetrating into this otherwise sensitive sector ignored by most musicians as a potential market Hornby, (2002). Employers wishing to have tailor-made music about their companies? Casey Parrish is the name to look for. Looking for a host of your much-awaited annual party or awards night? Look no further.

Offensive words likely to suggest disrespect for spiritual beings and obscene language are no-go-zones. Casey Parrish understands too well the importance of maintaining healthy employer-employee relationships which can easily be ripped open by ill-composed music lines Byrne, (2012).

Music is not for the hopeless or the financially challenged Azerrad, (2001). Like all other professional careers, a lot goes into building a musician Ross, (2007). It’s neither about having a great voice nor looking for fame Hornby, (2002). It’s about creativity and nurturing the passion to bring out a star Byrne, (2012). There is real talent in music and parents should encourage their children to take it up as it’s not a lesser field Azerrad, (2001). There are real brains behind the mic. It’s rewarding and creates room for self-development through social interactions especially with high profile personas.


2.1.2| Artist Positioning Statement

For real entertainment with an emotional touch, Casey Parrish is the artist that soothes mental anguish, values the audience component among all musicians to accommodate all generations.


Casey Parrish believes in social groupings in respect to age, social status, cultural differences and work relations Ross, (2007) Don’t squirm in your seat wondering which uncomfortable line is coming from the stage that might catch you off-guard in front of your boss, parents or kids Sacks, (2007).

Casey knows what to sing, how to sing it, where to sing it, to whom and with what effect.

Sit back, enjoy and forget about life’s challenges for a while.


2.1.3 Look and Feel: Logo and Tag Line

If you can’t teach me to fly than teach me music


2.1.4| Voice: Key Messages and Tone of Voice



While packages are affordable and she delivers right to your doorstep, music brings about laughter which increases lifespan by reducing stress (Byrne, 2012). One laugh is a day added to your years. There are social classes and age gaps, but laughter equalizes us all. There is no lesser laughter. A laugh is a laugh.

Did you know that music equips you with lessons to face life’s challenges? A really good piece of music is consolation on facing relationship tensions, mourning a loved one or making an adventurous step. Music is the most equipped counsellor of all situations (MacDonald, 1994).







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