Sample Research Paper on Party Platforms

Party Platforms

Generally, during the election period, political parties stipulate their agendas and objectives as a declaration of what they intend to do for the electorate. These agendas are developed into a statement known as a political party platform. In regard to this, the Libertarian Party platform addresses a number of issues which include economic status, health, and education among others.  The party states that economic liberty should be attained through protecting property ownership rights, reducing government expenditure, protecting the rights of individuals to form corporations, and opposing forced retirement. On education matters, the platform indicates that parents should have control over the funds disbursed for their children’s education. According to the libertarian party, individuals should be left to choose the level of health insurance they want. On national security, the party suggests that the U.S should avoid forming alliances and indulging in worldwide security issues, but deploys adequate intelligence agencies to protect domestic security.

The Republican Party platform highlights the issue of the constitutional budget, which they suggest should be more transparent, accountable, and achievable. The party also supports the effort of ensuring that the elderly, military, handicapped are authorized to vote. Also, there are plans to reduce pollution by encouraging the use of agricultural practices and renewable energy resources. The party intends to save the Medicare system by providing adequate finances and making the system more flexible. Protecting the internet freedom to enable individuals to invest in ICT-related professions and allowing legal immigration. On the other hand, the green party addresses health issues by proposing a single-payer national health program and free child care. Also, the party suggests a maximum of 6 working hours per day with a minimum wage of $12.50 per hour. Similarly, the party proposes renewable energy sources, abolishing the death penalty, equalizing school funding, uncensored media, and cooperative democracy that seeks arms use reductions.  In conclusion, the Republican Party platform is much promising to the electorates because it addresses government accountability and equality in voting. Also, it promotes agricultural practices that are vital in improving food security.