Sample Research Paper on Racial microaggression

Racial microaggression

Microaggressions are the daily non-verbal, oral, and ecological insults, snubs, or slights, whether deliberate or accidental, which connect aggressive, negative, or derogatory information to focus on individuals based completely upon their marginalized groups’ members. In most cases, this invisible information may invalidate the team.

Circumstances of microaggression include a white woman or man gripping their bag, assessing their pockets as a Latino or a black person approaches them. Invisible message: the black man or the Latino is a criminal. In addition, an Oriental American, from the U. S is congratulated for speaking “good British.” Invisible message: the person is not a real American. Moreover, a black couple is sitting in the cafe next to the kitchen despite there being other vacant at the front. Invisible message: the black man is a second-class resident and undeserving of first-classes treatment.

Microaggression can promote some results such as developing an aggressive and invalidating environment for individuals of color. In addition, it can sap their religious and their collective characteristics. Moreover, Microaggression can lead an individual to depressive disorders, disappointment, rage, lack of self-esteem, and stress. However, individuals can react to Microaggression by dealing with its actions directly.  In most cases, it may be essential just to let the person know that you are upset by the actions and that the statements/behaviors are undesirable. At other times, the occurrence can be the driver for some essential continuous conversations about competition and elegance. Lastly, individuals can avoid Microaggression by acknowledging when they make microaggressions, understanding the wrongdoing, and saying sorry. All individuals get some things wrong, knowingly and not, and individuals need to own up to them when they do