Sample Research Paper on Website Evaluation

Website Evaluation

This paper will evaluate a hoax website, which contains information that would be considered as inaccurate. The paper will detail information why the website is considered a hoax or why it has inaccurate information. The second part of the paper will evaluate a website that passes the CRAAP (Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose) test. The first website to be evaluated is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a nonprofit making website that contains information on a wide range of topics and fields. Almost all topics in the world, especially areas of interest held by a great number of individuals, have Wikipedia content written about them. One of the most criticized aspect of the website and its content is that anyone can contribute and edit on a certain topic. Therefore, there is no certainty that the information contained on the website is actually true. Anyone from any field of expertise can claim to be an expert in a certain filed, and give information that would be considered accurate by an individual who might be unaware of its real nature. A situation might turn fatal if a person is to get the wrong information from the Wikipedia website, thinking that it is accurate; such as medical and health related information. The settings of Wikipedia allow users to edit and review content that has been added by other individuals (Wikipedia 1). Unfortunately, even those that review the information might not have the needed qualifications to give their strong opinion a topic or subject. A situation can also turn out poorly where a page on the said website was to give the wrong information on fixing up items that are of a technical nature.


Part II: Evaluating a website that passes the CRAAP test Locate a website that you believe is worthy of using as a source in a research paper

One of the websites that is considered to have accurate and helpful information is the referencing site for Purdue University. Purdue University is located in Indiana in the United States of America. The university is one of the most trusted when it comes to offering guidance on academic writing styles and skills. Purdue University has guidelines on academic writing for styles, such as APA, MLA, and Harvard.


Purdue University website has updated information on the different writing styles, such as APA sixth edition. Guidelines and rules of the writing styles keep on changing, which leads to constant evaluation and revision of given information.


The information provided on the Purdue University website is very useful and relevant for students in high institutions of higher learning and some high schools. Tutors require that their students format their work in a uniform manner to their colleagues by giving specific academic writing styles to be used.



At the end of last September 2014, Purdue University received a grant from the Federal arm of government to further its research field. The university holds a high reputation for giving high quality findings when they come up with information to be shared with its learners, stakeholder institutions, and members of the public (Purdue 1).

 Accuracy and Purpose.

The information given by Purdue on writing guidelines is accurate when compared to other high repute academic organizations. The information is free from prejudice or emotions, and its main purpose is to offer educative information to learners that can assist them getter better grades and understand proper writing rules.


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