Sample Research Proposal on The role of deviance in America

The role of deviance in America


In the recent past, America has been faced with deviance, a problem that has become alarming in the state and summoning people to air their voices about it. The statistics that have been released of late by the police department indicate that the number of those that have been arrested and taken to rehabilitation centers has gone beyond 662 (Nichols, 2007). This makes the public relate the problem with the failure of the government to manage housing planning in towns in the region. This has been greatly contributed by the environmental conditions that are present in the region.  The study will compare the conditions in other regions to develop a comparison between the regions and the town.

Purpose of the study

The study will be aiming at developing the relationship that exists between the present environmental conditions in America with one of the major problems that has been witnessed, deviance. This will help in explaining the impact that deviance has had in the region. In this case, the study will give a comparison of the conditions that exist in the state, with other regions in the world such as China and Australia (Giddens, 2013).

Statement of the problem

The study will use the perspective of the environment to give a clear definition of deviance. The study will show the acts that have been taken to prevent deviance in the region and the impact that they have had on both the deviants and those affected by their behavior.

Research questions

Why is deviance most rampant in America compared with other regions such as China and Australia?

Has the environment been the reason for the rampant deviance in America?

To what extent has the environment influenced deviance in the region?


To test the study hypotheses and to give an examination of the questions that will help in studying the problem, the study will make use of the following methodology. The researcher will involve several observations on participants, who are deviants in America. This will help in obtaining first-hand information about their behavior and what they feel brings about the character in their lives. The researcher will also be able to get relevant information on how the environmental factors in the region have led to development of their behavior. Interviews will also be conducted by use of questionnaires that are structured to help in getting information from the police, deviants as well as security guards. The researchers will a make some observation on the members of the society to get information about environment in the three regions that will be used in the study. This information will be compared and will give a clear illustration of how the environment has influenced deviance. Another way that the researcher will use to obtain relevant information is by analyzing statistics that have been released in the country concerning the problem.




The methods that will be employed in the study will help in coming up with the actual reasons that cause deviance in America. The proposed reason will be analyzed and the relationship that will be developed will be gauged. Types of some of the acts of deviance conducted in the region will be determined and this will help in developing strategic solutions for each type.



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