Sample Resume Analysis: SOAR

Resume Analysis: SOAR


In any context of self-development and self-improvement, it is important to understand the various factors about ourselves that would determine the very existence of productivity in various field. These facets entail the strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results. They act as the roadmap for improvement for oneself that also creates a platform for wholesome development of various individuals. I this paper, I look into my capabilities in the lens of these four facets and provide a discussion on the same. The table below shows my strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results that I would want to attain.



Proper accounting skills (customer service)

Interpersonal skills

Excel functions skills

Awarded Rookie of the year award.


CPA certifications

Computerized accounting

Multifaceted management accounting

Transformations in the accounting systems, policies and regulations


VIP accounting in a multinational organization

A cheerleader in transformation of the international accounting policies for the better

The best customer service intellectual of all time


Deliver quality service in the field of accounting

Investigate and through research and experience contribute immensely to the growth and transformation of accounting systems internationally

Build my interpersonal skills in order to enhance my participation in customer service




As noted in the matrix above, one of my fundamental strengths is the fact that I have proper accounting skills. I have a degree in accounting that has enabled me to understand the whole context of accounting principles and policies both locally and internationally. Some of the pertinent skills that I have acquired over the years in line with accounting is the preparation of the financial statements for various organization. I am keen to apply various accounting principles such as the accrual concept, materiality principle, the historical cost concept and going concern concept among others. The zeal to learn more of accounting has also enabled me to gain more skills financial analysis of various companies. one the skills in the financial analysis that I have acquired over time is the notion of financial ratio analysis. the performance of the firm in various perspectives is analyzed to provide the investor with the clear path on what to do. Notably, the issue such as the debt management, asset valuation, stock valuation, liquidity and even the asset management are discussed in order to pitch the real performance of the firm. Another important strength that I own is the profound interpersonal skilla. I understand that in any business environment, communication is very important as it sets for the precedence for making various management decision of any company. the interpersonal skills that revolves around how I relate with others within the organization is indeed vital for development of the whole company. From the various companies that I have worked for, one of the fundamental gains that I have attained in the profound communication skill which usually allow me to have a good relationship with my colleagues and superiors at work. the good working relationship here is born on the account of profound interpersonal skill which not give me an upper hand in molding ethical behaviors but also makes create a good network within the organization and beyond. in the intellectual field again, I have attained immense knowledge on the computer excel skills. Excel skills is very important mostly in the data entry and analysis. this skill is also central in the investigation of large volumes of data in the most convenient way. With this skill in place as strength, I have been able to provide excellent financial reports within the organizations I have worked and efficiently complete my work on time. Tim management is very important here and it serves the purpose of creating efficiency in various arms of the organization. with the skill and knowledge in excel software, I am able to finish my accounting works in the scheduled time.


Firstly, I must acknowledge the fact that business accounting environment is fast changing. Every time when need, there is the transformation in both the national and international accounting standards. additionally, there nature of the customer preference is also deemed to change over time with keen attention drawn on the fact that people develop new interest every day. To this respect, there are various opportunities in my career path that are evident at this point in time. with the change in the accounting standards, I believe that gaining a Certified Public Accountants (CPA) certification is very vital for me. The latest requirement in this field for example demands that we understand the real issues that surround the accounting framework. I see an opportunity in advancing my knowledge in accountancy work that would help me gain an understanding on the means and ways in which I should position myself in the market. Gaining of the CPA certification also elevates my level of education and gives me a platform to gain more skills in accounting especially in the management level.

It is also important to acknowledge the fact that there is rapid technological advancement in the field of accounting. In the current context of accounting, there are various software that aid in accounting such as SAP, Quick books, SAGE and PASTEL. All these applications are very important since they help in understanding the whole context of computerized accounting. I see gaining the knowledge on computerized accounting as an opportunity that would elevate my career path and make me wholesomely competent. The competence comes on the fact that I ideally require the computerized accounting to make my work easier and provide detailed financial reports. The software has enabled the in depth analysis of the various financials in company with great ease. The accuracy of information is also guaranteed by using the software and it also provides a leeway for improvement of the firm in real time. The acquisition of knowledge in this field of computerized accounting is a milestone in my career path as it will unravel various tenets of accounting systems as they align to the world of technology.

As I prepare to attain a managerial position, it is important to gain the profound knowledge and skills in management accounting. One of the most effective opportunity driver is the notion of management accounting since it blends both financial and managerial aspect of the firm. I believe that with proficient skills, knowledge and skills in managerial accounting is would help me be on the competitive edge. Proper understanding on the various changes in the accounting policies and principles is also an opportunity that would allow me be on high demand while following my career path in accounting. The current issues affecting various accounting would help me understand the various dynamics facing this field.


In my line of career, I aspire to be a leader who would be on the forefront in spearheading proper accounting policies and giving directions on the best techniques in which a firm should manage their finances. This aspiration is strengthened by the fact that my personality which is melancholic has allowed me to be very keen in tracking sown transactions keenly and giving informed advice on the use of funds within an organization. Additionally, I aspire to be in a managerial position (VP, Accounting) with the main aim of foreseeing the various accounting processes and providing informed decisions that would affect the company in a macro way. One of the things a care about is the proper management of finances. Here I would ensure that we invest the funds of the company in a less risky highly profitable project. In so doing we ensure that we account for every finances that are postulated in the company. The creation of value for money at the heart of my dealing and I would ensure that every money spent has a profound reason for its usage. I acknowledge that communication and good customer service is very vital for any organization. In my line of career, I would aspire to be the cheerleader in promoting good communication skills among the employees as a manager. This I intend to do through offering periodic training on communication and the value of customers and various stakeholders to the company. Keen attention should be drawn on the fact that most companies requires high level of commitment to the clientele base who are responsible for bringing business into the company. As senior accountant I would ensure that integrity and transparency prevails within the context of management that would help in improving the firm as a whole.


My main results would be measured through quality of service I deliver to the customers and the organization as a whole. the value I add to the company is also part of the result required for this course as it accentuates my significance in the company I am employed. My line of profession requires good interpersonal skill as I am supposed to interacting with various individuals who are the customers. Good customer service as strength is also one of the advantages that I have earned over the years. customer management takes resilience and understanding of the whole context of their needs. With humility, tolerance and courage instilled in me, I find it quite interesting while engaging with my customers for the various organizations that I have worked. through this I have acquired profound skills and competence in the management of clientele base with a view to creating high level of sustainability in the provision of service.


In summary, I have own proficient skills in accounting and customer service skills. Some other strengths I have is the interpersonal skills and the excel software knowledge and skills. Some of the opportunities that are presented in my career path are the CPA certifications, the rapidly changing computerized accounting and the notion of multifaceted management accounting needed in multinational and national organizations. The attainment of such skill and gaining entry to such institutions would serve as an expansion in my career path. I aspire to be a cheerleader in transforming the accounting policies for the better. Additionally, I intend to hold a managerial position with keen attention on foreseeing financial activities of various departments and giving strategic decisions on the same.