Sample Sociology Case Study on Ten Years of Chemical Use

Ten Years of Chemical Use

This person talks of how for ten years he was never arrested even though he engaged in drugs, fights, petty theft, and drunk driving. He admits that if the law ever caught up with him, he would have been charged for the various crimes he committed. He reckons that most probably he would be the one receiving the assistance he offers to homeless people.

Arrested for Buying Liquor

The story is about a man who was arrested by the police for buying liquor at the age of 17. The law prohibits minors from buying liquor. He lied to the police that he was a first-time offender and got away with it. This person had done it earlier but because he got away with it he felt justified to lie that it was his first time.

The person who abused drugs, stole, was involved in fights and drunk driving is a deviant. This person is involved in multiple crimes and for a long time. This is a sign of someone contented with a behavior because over such a long period, one is able to acknowledge that the behavior is not right and reform. Even though he appears to have reformed, he confesses to still drive while drunk even though he knows it is a crime. The other person, even though does not talk much about his life after the arrest, seems to have changed. Buying liquor by minors is a common vice in most societies in the world. This in itself cannot qualify an individual as a deviant. This makes it easy for a person to reform once they mature.

Living in carceral cultures is likely to create deviant people. This is because of the surveillance that people are subjected to. Human beings have a tendency of rebelling if they feel they are subjected to unnecessary rules and surveillance. This rebellion leads to deviant individuals.