Sample Sociology Essay on Living in a Global World

Living in a Global World

The sociological perspective of society has subtly transformed from local to global. There is a gradual emergence of global structures and events further describing the complex interactions invariably taking place within the macro environment. The forces of social responsibility and globalization are the principal factors for the transformation.

Social responsibility is seen as a worldwide endeavor. Social responsibility represents an ethical obligation requiring people or businesses to act for the benefit of society as a whole (Wittmann, 2018). It implies that sociological thinking and moral obligations of people, as well as businesses, transcend beyond the nation-state in an attempt to internationalize operations and activities.

Globalization is another contributing factor that has transformed society from a nation-state to a global perspective. Although decades before the world wars did not provide a vision of a global society, recent advances in political, social, and economic fields have provided a succinct understanding of a global society (Wittmann, 2018). Globalization has led to the sharing of political, social, and economic ideas and policies. For example, countries are able to trade with each other and culture is transferable from one country to the other through social interactions. Additionally, states are constantly forming regional and continental treaties. Per Wittmann (2018), the world has turned into a global society. Furthermore, the internet is a technological factor discussed under the globalization phenomenon that has transformed societies. The internet has enhanced communication through email and social networking platforms making it possible to share ideas across borders.

The global society discourse is candidly discussed in the face of globalization and trans-nationalism occasioned by worldwide social responsibility. People invariably tend to move away from the nation-state to the global arena in an apparent attempt to address the social issues affecting mankind.


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