Sample Sociology Essay on Medicaid Healthcare Insurance

Medicaid Healthcare Insurance


The healthcare system in the U.S has evolved over the years to include the implementation of healthcare insurance programs such as Medicare, S-Chip, and Medicaid.  Medicaid is a health plan for millions of Americans from a low-income status that is administered by states according to federal requirements. Rosenberg (2018) reported that in January 2018, Trump’s administration released guidance to implement changes to the Medicaid work requirements and this has had major implications with the majority of beneficiaries being locked out of coverage.

Perspectives of Sociological Theories

The U.S, as a nation has been put in the spotlight for its overwhelming healthcare cost as compared to its counterparts such as Canada. The National Healthcare Expenditure is currently 17.7% of the Gross Domestic Product with a projected growth rate of 5.5% per year for 2018-27.  The functional perspective of sociology supports that for an economy to grow, it requires a healthy nation hence by investing more in healthcare, the certainty of access to quality services for all is assured. In contrast, the conflicting perspective views that by allocating much to healthcare there’s a constraint in budget allocations to other major sectors of the economy and consequently a drop in economic growth. Wright and Perry (2010) established that the health services in the U.S are unequally distributed as healthcare institutions constrain services to different status groups leading to a negative impact on the society and economy at large. Those from low-income groups tend to segregate themselves and this impacts their social interactions negatively.

The implementation of Medicaid insurance faces major problems. For instance, the demographic composition consists majorly of the elderly thus creating a burden for the government to provide health services to this group. Moreover, there is an increase in the high cost of living that has resulted in many Americans not being able to afford healthcare services on their own. Most states are currently implementing the Medicaid work requirements change that has had the majority of Americans locked out of the program due to its stringent measures. On the other hand, due to technological advancements applied in healthcare, the cost of healthcare services has also increased.


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