Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Re-socialization


Prior to transferring to GCU, I was poor at socializing. I was shy and avoided social gatherings with many people or even group discussions. However, this phenomenon has changed significantly following my stay at GCU. Firstly, I can now take part in-group discussions, as well as attend public gatherings. Besides, I’m not shy at expressing my views unlike in high school.  These changes can be attributed to the way in which learning has been organized at GCU. Unlike in the previous place of study, GCU has a fair system that allows students from different faculties to engage and discuss common goals. In addition, students from the same faculty have the freedom to form academic and other social groups through which socialization takes place. In these groups, there are students from different states and nationalities, and this diversity has encouraged further socializations. On this front, it is possible to share ideas and interests with students from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions, not to forget different faculties.

At GCU, norms are different from those in my previous place of study. First, sleeping patterns have changed significantly. In high school, I was expected to report to school by 7 am, and all students would leave at 5 pm, unless if they had other extra-curricular activities. However, at GCU, classes do not necessarily start at 7 am.  Classes begin at different times depending on the units a student is undertaking. In line with this, I do not have the obligation of waking up so early in the morning like was the case during my high school years. I feel that I have more control on how I spend my time and sleep.

The way I spend my free time has changed significantly. Initially, my parents had a lot of influence on how I spent my free time. But at the moment, following my stay at GCU, I have a lot of freedom, and I decide the way I spend my free time. In addition, in my free time, I have a part-time job unlike was the case in high school. Besides, I do engage in sports and social events more than I did while in high school. My eating style has also changed. Unlike the case in my previous place of study where food intake was regulated and parents and the school administration had a significant influence on my diet, I have more freedom to decide when and what I want to eat. There are no menus to follow, and I have the freedom to skive or take meals. GCU offers students with more freedom than most high school’s like my former one.

On top of that, I tend to feel that unlike in my immediate place of study, my gender does not matter. Here at GCU everyone has equal opportunities irrespective of their sex. There are no roles or duties that are feminine or masculine. Everyone has an equal chance to explore his or her dreams.  Moreover, I tend to believe that I am more emotionally stable than I was while my previous place of study. While, my previous place of study, I was swayed by emotions, but here at GCU, the diversity that cuts across has helped me become emotionally stable and sober. In short, I tend to feel that life at GCU is more flexible than was the case in my immediate place of study; I have more freedom to decide what I want. At this level, I believe students are the agents of socialization.