Sample Sociology Research Paper on Deviance


It is against our cultural norms to talk while having some food in one’s mouth. I once made the mistake of talking while we were having a meal in a restaurant with my friends. When I looked at my left side, I saw couples looking at me with unfriendly eyes. I wondered for some seconds what could be wrong. Then I realized my fault and closed my mouth. The way those couples looked at us made me realize that what I had done did not conform to our society’s norms. They did not reprimand me, but I knew my behavior did not please them.

I came to learn that society upholds good deeds, and whenever a person errs, society is willing to collect people’s mistakes. It is quite essential to respect other people’s space and to exhibit proper manners all the time. Each society has its own norms, and society expects individuals to observe these norms at any given time. A rational human being cannot entertain unethical behaviors. The way people react to deviance has changed over time. There is numerous deviant behavior displayed in the media in a comical manner, and this has made people overlook some cultural norms.

My deviant behavior would have elicited reactions from other cultures, too. Proper table manners begin from childhood.  People start learning about their culture while they are young. Children are taught by their parents how to behave well at home and in public. As they interact in schools and in neighborhoods, they learn more about cultural norms. They usually understand that deviance is unacceptable in society; hence, they try as much as they can, to avoid deviant behaviors.