Sample Speech Paper on Uncle’s Birthday Surprising Gift

Uncle’s Birthday Surprising Gift

Good morning Sir, I would like to effect small introduction to unearth grounds upon which my speech is embedded and subsequently directed to you; I am willingly pushed to positively convey this message to you following the upcoming event of my uncle’s birthday celebration in a two months time. With this in mind, my uncle is a popular fan to most of the music making it very hard to produce something rated new and special in the music industry based on his evaluation.To add on this, I am disturbed to present hima piece as a gift during his birthday celebration. I am prompted, based on my own evaluation to obtaining a special jazz music that will emotionally evoke my uncle’s feelings culminating into him feeling a special case. To this end, I would showcase why Anne Mette Iversen is my preferred candidate;

Firstly, I had initially eyed for either Bra Mehldau or Matt Ulery. On the contrary, after a closer analysis of Brad and Renee’s combined masterpiece, ‘A Love Sublime’and Matt’s ‘By A Little Light’, I was not convinced to buy their ideas based on the emotions I am projecting to be evoked with regard to my uncle(Adamson&Segan, 2008, p. 12). With this in mind, I had to look for another artist leading me to analyzing your work, ‘Best of the West+ Many places’, I felt like it was a live band, running through me and evoking my emotions.

To this end, styles coming out of your work had matched my proposal I had no option but to write to your agent. Let me now take you through particular styles I would like to stand erected in my special gift. Firstly, I need an instrumental-based song pegged at ensembles free from altering genre’s features and essentials. Secondly, bit faster tempos accompanied by longer and irregular phrasing (Sosna, 2011, p. 21). To illustrate this further, it should employ virtuosity and instrumental with chord progression showcasing possibility of drummer and dance.

To put more emphasis on style needed, jazz should remain erected blended with New Orleans and Dixieland. Let us now turn to the song’s background, here; I need to feel a rich and deep background clearly felt across the board blending well with the floating chords (Prausnitz, 2002, p. 15). To add on this, employ the repetition of two measure phrases so as to enhance its extent to evoke particular emotional feelings I would want addressed. Having illustrated that, we now turn to a particular emotion the song should help generate, I would like more emphasis to circumvent around making my uncle feel young and capable to feel like he was beginning a new life.

With this in mind, I would further urge you to feel free to include any other style and elements not mentioned but pointing towards the evoking the mentioned emotions. Besides, I also urge you to feel free to contact me for further clarification so as to make the day a sounding and lovely one for my uncle. To this end, I feel my issue is exhausted with regard to every finer and salient issue I wanted addressed. Before I rest my case, I would like to remind you to ensure that emotional evocation is met as this is the basis upon which my gift is pegged. Thank you.













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