Sample Strategic Plan on Apple Inc

Executive Summary


Apple Inc is one of the largest information technology and mobile companies in the world. It is centered in California, and it manufactures and sells personal computers, electronic software, and offers other online services. The major markets for the firm are located in America, Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Japan (Dormehl, 2012). Apple faces stiff competition from companies, such as HP, Toshiba, and Dell in the PC segment. The firm also faces competition from Nokia, Samsung, and Sony in the field of mobile telephony. Dell and Samsung are highly competent on the tablet space market, and this poses a great challenge to Apple Inc. This calls for the need for Apple to act to overcome these challenges.


The mission of Apple Inc is to have a successful launch of the iphone-6. The firm plans to do market research and find out the different approaches that can be used by the sales department in presenting a new product to the target market. Apple seeks to endure that the mission and vision of the organization and the strategies are in alignment with the plan of the company (Apple, 2014). Iphone-6 has been designed with different features from the previous products, for instance, it has a wider screen and therefore requires a different strategic plan for its manufacturing and marketing.


  1. To create and release quality, unique, and user-friendly products.
  2. To boost the sale through production of quality products.


The new iphone-6 has faced several challenges in the market because of its large size. Criticisms have developed in the sale strategies of the new iphone-6 as competitors view the phone as being too large for the consumers to operate. The strategic plan will help to explain the features of iphone-6, and this will help customers in overcoming the challenges they face when operating the phone. The importance of the large screen objective will also be achieved. As a result, the mission and vision, and the strategy and values of the people are in line with the plan of introducing the large screen phone.

Value Statement

Apple is endowed with different strengths, which include undying innovation spirit, properly managing and integration of the supply chain, a great distribution system, and a customer-focused service strategy (Apple, 2014). These strengths will be of great importance to Apple in its strategic planning, as it will be able to focus on them for ease in achieving its goals. The strengths have enabled Apple to maintain its customers and at the same time, the firm has attracted more customers. Apple’s main weakness is evident on the same line, as there exist a compatibility issue, which limits its software sales by almost the same amount of its hardware.

Strategic Plan


Every business strives to make profits and always to remain on this side. However, the business is met with decisions and activities that derail it from the course of achieving its goals. Because of this reason, therefore, the management has an obligation to apply the right approach to protect the business from various uncertainties that may be detrimental to the business. There is a need for the managers to create a strategic plan to guide the business through its operations and stick to its objectives. Ethical and social responsibilities play key roles in developing a strategic plan and hence should be considered, as core values of the business. The strategic plan should be directional, conceptual, and visionary, and it should take care of the interests of stakeholders, customers, suppliers, and the society at large (Andersen, 2004). Independent ideas from different employees should be considered when developing the strategic plan, as this will enable the raising of concern over important issues.

Environmental Scan

External Environmental Scan for iphone-6 Models

Apple Inc has emerged to be the best producer of smart phones. The company has developed a new smart phone model ‘iphone-6’, which contains many unique aspects. Apple has drawn many potential local customers in US and from other overseas countries to its market. The fact that most customers like to keep fashion has a great significance to apple Inc. The company considered the demand of more advanced features as a platform to invent the iphone-6, a move that aimed at satisfying the needs of the customers. An external environmental scan has also enabled the company to identify the consumer’s dependence on online data.

The development of iPhone-6 has raised Apple’s profile in electronics market, and more so in the external market. There is no complexity in operating the new phone, and this has simplified the user’s ability to obtain or share information through the real time approaches. Increased people’s interest in smart phones is a business opportunity, which Apple has taken advantage of, by embracing it. The company has capitalized in the business opportunity to increase its market share through enhancement in its market dominance.

Internal competitive environmental scan

The new iphone-6 model has some latest aspects that improve its quality and value. It has some features e.g. multi-touch screen that attracts loyal consumers. The company employs creative designs for its products that are attractive to the clients. The company’s employees have a feeling of contentment, as they consider working in the company as an opportunity to gain experience in production and the general running of businesses (Apple, 2014). There exists a culture that is associated with product promotion, and this culture supports and promotes new brands developed by the company. This helps the customers to acquire new knowledge and experience that enable them to be at par with technology. The scan on the internal environment has proved that Apple has great strength that enables the company to achieve success. The company maintains the lowest level of liability possible and at the same time maintains enough quantity of capital for operation and investment (Apple, 2014). Apple has a team of experts who do research on various matters e.g. technological matters and matters pertaining to the market. Their findings are essential in development of technology within the company, and enlargement and control of the market.

Implementation plan

The strategic plan for Apple’s products is diverse in that it focuses on a range of clients. These clients range from individual clients to unskilled new clients, and from individual clients to bulk buyers. The firm differentiates its products based on remarkable design, reliable top quality, and excellent customer support (Dormehl, 2012). This proves that their responsibilities are straight in line with their strategic plan.

Functional Tactics

Apple will implement various tactics in order to meet its objectives. The company will intensively research on the market and the interests of its customers. It will also recognize the corporate social responsibilities areas during its execution of its strategic plan. The will include deploying certified personnel to the market to offer services to the customers on how to operate and handle the phones.

Milestones and deadline

Implementation of the strategic plan will be performed in three years. Certain changes will be incorporated to allow for other exterior changes in the marketplace. The company interests in establishing an R&D center in the first five years of operation and improve its financing in the successive years up to five years. This will enable the firm to make products that are more impressive and present them in the existing and the new market.

Resource Allocation

Apple Inc has a great focus in developing attractive products. It also has a desire to continue widening its market through strategic investment in research and marketing (Dormehl, 2012). The company can boast of enough resources that are useful in implementing the new and feasible strategic plan. The company has been channeling more funds in research and development, where it can identify the possible areas of bolstering its competitive advantage in the industry.

Contingency Plan

A contingency plan for the company is to confront the possibility of risks in order to thwart the problems before they occur. Certain measures will be undertaken by the company to enhance user satisfaction and security.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is an encrypted procedure used to encrypt sensitive customer data to prevent it from interception by hackers. Websites with SSL encryption will guarantee customers with the firm’s responsibility towards the safety and security, as well as security of the business (Andersen, 2004).

Employee access to information will be based on the need for knowing. For example during purchases, the employee will have access to full credit number in order to process the payment. On the other hand, this information is not necessary to the receptionist and hence may not acquire it.

Implementing these measures will enable Apple Inc to avert drastic actions that could injure its reputation. In the case of client’s victimization when dealing with the firm on the internet, the firm will fully support the client by paying damages to him. This will enable Apple to salvage any damages to its brand before resulting into losses.

Recommended strategies

Customizable products: customers go for products that best suit their needs and wants. The best way to tune a customer’s need is to let them create their items according to their needs. Online services may act as a platform to achieve this goal. Customers can get varieties of products through online search engine, and they may identify the products that suit them most from the varieties available.

Intensify corporate social responsibility: corporate social responsibility concerns the methods applied by the organization in fulfilling the needs of the stakeholders, and to reduce its possible adverse effects on the environment. The practice enhances the improvement of a strong brand and a positive image of the organization (Andersen, 2004).


Apple’s dedication in enhancing improvement in its products will receive a significant boost upon implementing the strategic plan. The strategic plan will capitalize the new market and improve on its existence where its customers and potential customers flourish. The success of achieving the company’s goals and objectives will depend on the allocation of enough resources for the implementation process of the strategic plan. The long-term sustainability of the company is premised on this fact.



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