Sample Technology Essay on Risk Analysis Assessment

Risk Assessment

Risk analysis helps identify possible dangers that may arise from different elements of an area, organization among others. There are a number of rooms in a house each with its own risks. However, none of them seems to bear more risks than a kitchen. A risk analysis of this part of a house reveals a number of risks that should be dealt with to minimize the threat they pose. The first risk arises from the cookers, which use gas. These cookers can easily explode if they are not handled properly or if gas is leaking from the pipes of connectors. It is also important that when cooking is done using these gas cookers, attention is paid to the food to avoid overcooking it leading to burnt food, which increases the risk of an accident. In addition, the gas pipes and nozzles have to be checked regularly to ensure that they are not leaking and are in perfect working condition. This checkup is necessary because gas cookers explode if gas leaks exist which allow gas to escape from the tank filling up the kitchen. This poses the greatest risk in the kitchen and the entire house. Currently, no checkup has been conducted which is a great risk since the state of these connections is not known given that they have been in use for a long time. A checkup must be conducted as soon as possible and new pipes bought to replace old ones, which are almost worn out.

Electric cables at the kitchen must also be assessed to determine whether they pose any risk to the house occupants. It is clear that some cables are naked at certain points exposing people to danger. This appears to have resulted from these exposed wires coming into contact with rough items and mishandling leading to cuttings and eventually part of their cover wearing out. There is a huge risk if they come into contact with water since they can lead to electrocution. On top of that, short circuits are likely to occur if these naked wires come in contact leading to destruction of all electrical appliances in the house and in extreme cases fire. This situation must be rectified immediately by replacing all these old wires and ensuring that they are properly fixed on the wall in a way that protects them from any contact with human beings and any objects that may destroy them. This will avert the imminent danger they are posing to kitchen users and the entire household.

There are a number of pipes in the kitchen that also need to be assessed. It has been noted for some time that there are a few leakages. The assessment reveals that some of the pipes distributing water in the house are very old resulting in a few leaks in a number of connections and where the pipes have cracked. This is a danger to us because water can lead to falls, which result in serious injuries. It is also a loss of water and creates a very untidy house. This situation will be corrected by replacing these old pipes with new ones. This will require some extensive plumbing work that will lead to a renovation of the entire water system at home. Consequently, the problem will be solved for a long time to come and water wastage, which has resulted in higher water bills, will be solved completely.