Sample Technology Paper on Metropolitan Area Network

Metropolitan Area Network

LANs (local-area networks) connect computer networks in a small area, where users can share some devices, as well as the data. For the company that plans to replace T-1 interconnection lines, the best interconnection method to use is Ethernet. Ethernet is more efficient than SONET and has numerous benefits. Ethernet has become an omnipresent standard of choice when it comes to LANs. Since Ethernet is designed to transport data while SONET is intended to convey voice, each has its advantages. However, Ethernet exceeds SONET in terms of cost, operational simplicity, flexibility, bandwidth efficiency, and ubiquitous connectivity.

The aim of routing protocol in interconnectivity is to convey information by selecting the best path to arrive at the destination network. Numerous forms of routing algorithms create a diverse impact on networks. The most current forms are Distance Vector and Link-State. Distance Vector routing protocols convey periodic copies of the routing table to its neighboring routers and gather distance vectors while Link State routing protocols allow its connectivity to all other routers on the network (Nogueira and Salvador 164). Link State protocols are more preferred to Distance Vector, as its routers can support a large number of hops. Link State protocols are also less likely to be affected by routing loops.

Some of the basic routing algorithms are utilized in the current interconnectivity, as they are mainly utilized in inter-domain routing. However, some of these algorithms lack scalability and high routing efficiency. The discussion on routing algorithms raises the question as to how reliable and affordable the routing protocols are. The path length is a fundamental metric in routing, as it determines the cost of the network link. Caution should be taken on the difference between routed protocol, which is the network protocol, and routing protocols, which are protocols to execute routing algorithms.

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