Sample Technology Research Paper on EthosCE


EthosCE is a learning management system that is particularly designed by educational technologists and experts to put everything in order and promote the administration of continuing educational activities for workers and members.

It also helps organizations to create and plan robust training websites that provide peer-to- peer networking, online educational programs, and complying with management programs. With the use of EthosCE, one can easily set tests and examinations, create course, get feedback from other people and track information (, 2014). One can also teach courses in almost any format while reducing the expenses of your training exercises. This learning management system enables individuals to take less than 20 minutes to load a course and this exercise can also be carried out by a non technical staff.

Ethos works by providing the characteristics of enterprise-level learning and content management system with the expenses and choice of open source software. It also works well with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Individuals with cell phones can also access EthosCE.

Creating an EthosCE Account

One can only use this technology by opening your own account with a username. This can be done through visiting the duke continuing Medical education home at Secondly, one should click on join in order to access information on the account page. One is then supposed to fill in the fields on the screen. Fourthly, one is to click on create account and wait for feedback that the email has been sent to you. Fifth, open link. Then click the Sign in button (, 2014). Then click a new password. One is expected to have similar secret word twice to confirm it. Lastly, you have to click save to confirm that you have created your EthosCE.

Logging into EthosCE

Visit the link where you want to access the technology. Click on Sign in.  Enter the password and username.  Then go to Sign in.

Signing and Registering an Activity

One can only search and register on an EthosCE by logging in to the account. Go the Activities tab and one can access the courses page. Click on the specific activity that you want and Apply.

Registering for a Purchasable Activity with a Credit Card

An individual is supposed to visit the course page and click on the activity that the individuals is interested in buying. Then click on add to card where an individual can see the shopping card appear (Duke Clinical Research Institute, 2013). Then click on Checkout and complete a form where one will be expected to select a credit card then click on Review Order. One is then expected to check on the billing information and if it is not up to date, he can click on Back. However, if the information is right, the one should click on submit page. Fill in information on the page then click on purchase.

Registering for purchasable Activity with money Order, Cash, Cheque, or purchase order

These means of payment are usually held up for approximately ten days to see to it that all payments are cleared. Visit the Courses page and click on the purchasable activity that you are interested in. Click on Add cart and then click on check out. One is then expected to complete a form by clicking on the method of payment that one is using. This is followed by clicking on Review Order (Duke Clinical Research Institute, 2013).



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