Sample Term Paper on Sexuality


Sexuality is involvement in sexual intercourse. The Bible mentions it severally indicating a very close relationship between sexuality and spirituality. Sex was designed by God during creation therefore; it is sacred and reserved for the married couples only. Sexual intercourse outside marriage is perceived to be sinful and God will judge. At no single point should a couple separate for whatever earthly reasons except sexual immorality.

Spirituality should be reflected both in thought and lifestyle. A Christian Marriage should reflect the teachings of the Bible and especially that of love for it is for this sole reason why a couple comes together. In the New Testament, Paul instructed husbands to love their wives the same way that Jesus loved the church. The love of a couple should be expressed in total union including living for one another, erotic union, oneness of heart, mind and soul, the love of perfect friendship and dedication to one another.

The pastor solemnizing the marriage prays for chastity, undefiled bed, procreation and any other earthly blessing necessary for the growth of the family. The Bible instructs the couple to fulfill their duty to each other and not deprive of their sexual desires.  Although the obvious result of sexuality is children, this is not its sole purpose. A Christian marriage should seek to attain a healthy sex life and enjoy sexual relations to reduce sexual tension, prevent immorality and for pleasure.

Except under mutual agreement, a matter of urgency, prayer, or when a woman is having her monthly periods, a couple should eagerly engage in sex as a duty to God and their mate. Consistently abstaining from sex in marriage is unnatural and unholy.