Sample Theology Essay Paper on Leadership for Change through Place

Place leadership, by design, is engaged with rallying, leading, organizing, and supporting
institutional transformation systems and tactics across organizational and institutional borders.
Place is a major driver of individuals' exposure to social exclusion, poverty, and societal
potential; developing effective place leadership is a social policy imperative that must not be left
to prospect (Robin, 2020). Place-based leadership requires leaders to exercise their decision-
making authority in the interest of those living within their surroundings. This approach has a
significant role in organizational change.
One major aspect that caught my attention is the role of leadership in creating a positive
impact on the life of the communities within its environment. An understanding of the culture,
diversity, and the interests of the communities surrounding an institution is primary to its success
and the change process (NHE, 2018). There is enough reason why place-based leadership must
be given preeminence. First, there is an emotional attachment individuals have with their
communities, it forms part of their identity. A change process must first address the emotional
aspects of those involved. Most organizations understand the role of place in organizational
success. People trust the initiatives by their leaders based on how such decisions affect their
families, their homes, and communities (NHE, 2018). Leadership through place necessitates a
paradigm change shift from the conventional concept stating that geographic places must be
governed toward success. Conversely, these places may be altered via administrative, social, and
communal leadership.
The aspect addressed above was key to me since understanding and appreciating local
diversity instead of attempting to impose a standard method for identifying goals is a departure

from traditional leadership (Robin, 2020). In many cases, successful place leadership approaches
do not evolve instantaneously. Through my observation, leadership development is essential for
collective as well as individual leadership systems. I have seen this several times in organizations
that try to initiate change.The process must always be step by step and incorporate the interest of
the locals.



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