Sample Theology Essay Paper on Nursing and Model

Nursing theories are guiding principles that govern procedures of delivering the best care
to patients. I agree with this post regarding Merle Mishel and her theory of uncertainty in illness. The
theory is typical of individual health behavior; more precisely, it is a transactional model regarding stress
and coping. Lazarus and Folkman shaped the Model. I agree with this post in how the Model and
the theory's similarities have been defined. For instance, the two classify intrinsic and extrinsic
factors that affect the corporal and emotional state of one's health (Margaret, Simon & Sabina, 2018).
Besides, the Model of stress and coping contain primary concepts that align with Mishel's
uncertainty in ailment. According to the post, this Model has been a tool of reference by many
people, and it comprises internal and external critiques and appraisals. Similarly, in the theory of
uncertainty, pasts, and appraisal of uncertainty, managing, and how one acclimatizes to these
stressors have been elaborated.
As per the post, it is observed that parents whose child was in the NICU underwent major
stressors, inside and outwardly, and thus a method to identify each of the stressors and then look
for a strategy to cope. Research depicts vulnerability between the couples. For instance, it is
expounded that the mother was too susceptible to appropriately care for the child as she was
hospitalized after an upsetting birth. In contrast, the father assumed providing care to the child
while in the NICU. As a result, both parents got stressed. I agree with this post as the given
example is valid and relates to both the theory and the Model. Current research shows that the
coping process is advancing to being emotion-focused and problem-focused.
In summary, Mishel's theory and Lazarus and Folkman’s model segment key concepts of
categorizing interior and exterior environments that impact people psychologically. It is their
comprehension of the stressors that affect their coping styles.



Margaret, K., Simon, N., & Sabina, M. (2018). Sources of occupational stress and coping strategies among
teachers in borstal institutions in Kenya. Edelweiss Psyi Open Access, 2(1), 18-21.