Sample Tourism Paper on Reflection and Evaluation

Reflection and Evaluation
The subject provides vital skills, which will enable the learner to interact comfortably with arithmetic and challenging calculations. This is quite applicable in real life situations because there are challenges that require mathematical skills on day-to-day basis. Most significantly, my area of specialization requires competence in handling challenging assignments, which are directly linked to mathematical problems.
The class is quite challenging because of technical calculations, which require logical creativity. However, the teaching methods applied make the class more attractive. The fact that the instructor considers the student’s view enables the students to relate well with the instructor and as a result understand deeper concepts. The topics tackled build on one another and therefore students are able to relate the first concepts with the current ones.
The readings tackled are quite important because they provide much information, which is necessary in handling real life problems. The readings provide vital basic knowledge upon which deeper concepts are identified.
Discussion based learning provides better insight into the concepts explained in class. It would be appropriate if more discussions were created where the students can interact with other students and the instructor in a less formal set up in order for the students to be free to ask questions and exchange ideas. Also, it is important to increase student presentations because they will help uncover areas that need critical attention. Student participation makes the class more lively and encourages critical thinking. Lecturing method is appropriate to some extent; however, it should be minimized to ensure more practical based learning system.
Since my major is in Communication Technology, the vital information derived from this class will provide a solid background that will help in trouble shooting and handling complex communication arithmetics.