Sample Urban Studies Paper on Description of the film Julie and Julia

Julie and Julia

Description of the film Julie and Julia

Julie and Julia are one of the 2009 Columbian hit comedy films depicting elements of life contrast in the early ages of a young lady Julie Powell. From the film, the young Julie Powell lives under her inspiration of cooking 524 recipes within a period of 365 days and terms this as the biggest challenge she has to face in order to be a renowned published author. The movie describes a transition from childhood with elementary knowledge on those factors that constitute an individual’s life inspirations such as viewing circumstance as possible even when our reality is constrained or victimized.

Film plotting and cite the description

The film is acted in one of the towns in New York City called Lower Downtown Manhattan. The film depicts Lower Downtown Manhattan as one of the towns within New York City that are well endowed in terms of resources, infrastructure, and other important social amenities. As observed from the film, Lower Downtown Manhattan is a town that is well organized and every building skillfully fits in its place. This aspect of structural arrangement in terms of buildings, roads, telecommunication lines, and other infrastructures can be described under the prospect of urban planning.

Lower Downtown Manhattan

Lower Downtown Manhattan is one of the largest business centers within New York City. The town is surrounded by water, remains, and singly operates as the main metropolitan town in the region. With the exploding population, the town of Lower Manhattan significantly offers various scenic opportunities like business operations, constant streams of tourists, and executive business premises. Lower Manhattan is today recognized as the city’s business district with highly developed infrastructure, which precludes well-organized buildings, roads properly maintained. From the film, one would realize that most buildings in Lower Manhattan are storied and depict circular patterns of arrangement. The buildings are very close together, tall, and well served with power supplies.. As observed, almost every building has a security signal at the top. The hotel where Julie currently works is at the rear end of the city and one can easily have an oblique view of the sea.

From Lower Manhattan, there is a bridge connecting the town to Newport from where the population connects to the mainland. The bridge is one of the architectural works of the town, which has been in existence for several years. Vehicles transect into the mainland from Lower Manhattan through the bridge. Other infrastructures that remain significant in this case include the town streets, lighting system, road networks, communication lines, and ports.

Most streets in Lower Manhattan form either circular patterns or triangular patterns. All the streets are shown within the movie are well served with street lights. The provisions in terms of streetlights ensure that the people living in the town obtain maximum security throughout and have control over their economic participation. This argument is based on the fact that the film shows instances of high levels of involvement in different activities, which run during the day and proceed throughout the night.

In addition to the mentioned areas, lower Manhattan is served with different recreational facilities. The most prominent recreational ground observed in the film is the town’s Union Square. The scenic beauty of Union Square is mentioned as one of the best-developed grounds in New York City. This argument is supported by the large groups of people who move from Newport and other neighboring towns into the region.

From the description of the film, individuals have resorted to rebuilding other parts of the town by developing new streets, storied buildings, and several office spaces. This progress is shown by several buildings that are still under construction. The town seems to have a large population and therefore, the level of housing must remain high and properly maintained. The working population obtains pleasure from the kind of offices they operate from. The film highlights several instances of spacious offices, which are well survived with facilities. The facilities mentioned in this case are in terms of communication lines, electricity, water, security, and furniture. From the film, we realize that one can make communication in a clear and efficient way through the use of office communication lines. This shows that the town is well served with properly installed telecommunication lines. The modeling of the city still remains one of the artistic developments across the USA and more specifically in New York City.

Significant to mention, Lower Manhattan has several transportation projects. Among the most important project is the emerging Fulton Center which is among the largest government infrastructure in the region. Another transportation network that seems important to the town is the projected third-largest train station among those currently serving the largest part of the New York City population.

One of the most developed and recognized streets within Lower Manhattan is 14th Street. The 14th street serves the town’s population with a variety of services and forms part of the town’s business center. Buildings along 14th street are linearly constructed with no apace in between. This form of arrangement shows the form in which activities take place within the town.

Lower Manhattan is built on its high level of economic performance and being the fourth town in the USA with regulated economic operations. The town operates on a mild base following the establishment of its world trade center. The town possesses one of the largest health care centers in New York City. The health care units serve the entire region. On the prospect of investment, Lower Manhattan retains several banks and other lending institutions within America. One of the investment companies shown in the film is the Goldman banking company located along 200 West Street. Even though the bank is still under construction, various people find the recommended investment services from here.


The film Julie and Julia gives a link between an ancient world and a contemporary world with various activities underway. The most important part of the film reveals Lower Manhattan as one of the rapidly growing towns in the USA in terms of infrastructures and other social amenities. The film depicts a characteristic of the transition from traditional setup to modernity and the rapid growth in infrastructure is due to a proper understanding of the urban system and planning procedures. Urban planning is among the ways used to evaluate the political desire to provide the best infrastructure to citizens. As observed from the film, the population remains committed to their areas of work. The high level of commencements is due to the availability of some important infrastructures in the region. Lower Downtown Manhattan is historically constructed and has most of the required facilities