Sample Women’s & gender studies Discussion Essay Assignment

Please read the following instruction carefully as it may be different from the word doc.

• There are five “question files” with reading/video materials;
• Please answer all the questions marked as “question file”, and please keep the original formatting of each word doc and write the answers after each question;
• Please write at least a full page for “each question file“, or “DB” another word, which is around 350 words. Some “question files” may need more length to finish. It’s your flexibility to arrange the length based on the questions;
• The readings are very important, and the questions should be easy after reading. Also, please briefly make connections to the materials while answering the questions, no citations are needed;
• There is no need to write replies, and you can ignore the due dates. Refer to the documents for other instructions. Please let me know if you are unclear with anything.