Social Work and Human Services Essay Assignment on intersection and impact between social work ethics and social policy

Throughout this course, you studied the intersection and impact between social work ethics and social policy. The Assignment consists of a 5 pages (excluding the cover page and references) analysis paper based on the scenario below.

Two years ago Paul, a middle-aged male, entered a substance abuse treatment clinic because of his abuse of crystal meth. He successfully completed his in-patient treatment and continued to be an outpatient client afterward. He faithfully attended his Drug Addicts Anonymous (DAA) meetings, and his immediate family members supported him throughout his journey. During his stay at the facility, Paul met Pamela, one of the counselors there. They formed a connection, and Paul asked Pamela to support his journey to recovery. Because of Paul’s asking, Pamela requested to be one of the group counselors for Paul’s outpatient group. Their connection grew stronger, and Pamela was invited to meet Paul’s family, and eventually join them at family events. When a position became available at the Clinic, Paul applied and got the job. Now, Paul and Pamela were co-workers and their friendship became obvious to all. After a particularly difficult week, Paul was tempted in using meth again, and he disclosed to Pamela his “fall” from recovery, asking her that “as my friend, please help me out and don’t say anything”. Pamela agreed to keep Paul’s one-time use quiet. Their friendship and shared secret created a new level of intimacy between them, and they had a short affair. After the affair ended, Pamela received a promotion and requested that Paul be transferred to another part of the building. In the last six months, Paul has become an outspoken advocate for substance abuse treatment and policy change. He is using his own life’s example to help others, and he has been outspoken about how Pamela’s counsel, friendship, and later relationship have helped him through difficult times. Pamela has been receiving letters from the public that are either in support of her work with Paul or condemning her for lack of boundaries; she requested that either Paul be transferred to another facility, or that she can move out of state.

1. What is/are the social work-specific ethical issue/s found in this case?
2. Discuss the specific standards that are applicable in this case. Has Pamela or Paul broken any social work ethical values and/or standards? If so, which ones?
3. Has Pamela acted ethically in her relationship with Paul (personal and professional)? Explain your answer choices.
4. Discuss any moral values that Pamela and Paul might have broken. What are their impact on professional ethical behaviors in this case?
5. Discuss the values of privilege and confidentiality in the context of this case: how are they applicable or not? 6. How is Pamela and Paul’s situation and behavior affecting the clients, co-workers, and the organization as a whole? Discuss each group in the context of human behavior and the social environment.
7. How is Paul’s outspoken story helping and/or hindering advocacy efforts at local, state or national levels?
8. From a systems and social policy perspective, how do you view this case? What are some specific issues that need to be addressed to improve social policy outcomes in the treatment of substance abuse?