Special Consideration Category Health Experience for Admission

Special Consideration Category Health Experience for Admission

I always liked Dentists though I did not initially enroll in the course. A dentist in my neighborhood made me laugh and like the field when he told us that if we fail to take care of our teeth, he would pluck them out. By then I thought it was a joke, but as I grew up, I noticed many of the kids around with a cracked tooth, others decayed, and others were discoloring. I reminded them of the old dentists saying that their teeth would be plucked out. Since then, I became a “tooth” ambassador. My childhood dreams were always directed towards helping others in society. I could go to my neighborhood, and join other people when community projects were being undertaken. Though my parents did not like the idea, I kept volunteering in community work as young as I was. I remember my class teacher patting me in the back after she saw me helping an old lady with a basket from the market. She indicated that my traits were unique owing to the fact that almost all of my neighbor playmates were busy playing in the community yard. True to my childhood dream, I grew up with the spirit of volunteering and engaging in community services.

My desire to become a dentist was hampered by my parents, who wanted me to undertake a pharmacy course. I had little control over the situation since it could have portrayed a negative attitude to my parents, and I had no tuition to pay for the dentistry course. I therefore approached a friend older than me, who advised me to undertake the course and later take the course of my choice. I have now completed my pharmacy course and since my zeal for a dentistry course is still high, I apply for the special consideration category entry in the dentistry program. I have been working and have therefore accumulated some funds, which could help me achieve my dream of becoming a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in the future

In the course of my education, volunteer, and work life, I have gained a vast knowledge in teamwork and leadership skills. The reference letter from Dr. Christopher Colosimo, a DDS, is an indication and assurance that my passion has been burning and lively up to this day. I have proved beyond doubt in the health care field of my capability having a strong background of the medical field in pharmacy. The knowledge and experience that I have gained so far is important in the dentistry field because it will help me have a complete understanding of the systemic nature of patient’s attendance. In particular, it will help me be better equipped when identifying “red-flags” and when interviewing and screening patients requiring dental care. I have had encounters with dental professionals at the Adam’s dental clinic who have encouraged me by supporting my course of action.

I have had various health care accomplishments throughout my career life, which can help me in the dentistry professional. From the University of Alberta, I graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy. The pharmacy examination board of Canada accredited me to practice as a pharmacist. I am also certified with a registered pharmacist injection certificate. These qualifications have been key to my education excellence, but the passion for dentistry seems to override the qualifications. I have heard other qualification, including consultant pharmacist on round at Alberta Health Services-Stollery hospital, sales personnel at key maintenance technologies.

I have had leadership experience in the medical field as well as in other community service project. At the university of Alberta where I was taking my pharmacy degree course,  I was the pharmacy interprofessionals director, and my role was to organize  interprofessionals  events across the campus as well as creating awareness across the campus. The interprofessional’s organization comprised all the faculties in the campus, including business, law, nursing, medicine, and engineering among others. I also organized a fundraising for the industry pharmacy tour for the 2013 class at the university. In 2010-2011, I was the CAPSI National Presidential nominee whose role was to represent and advocate for the Alberta university pharmacy faculty. Other leadership roles that I have undertaken includes community support committee, being a member of the student advisory committee as well as the curriculum assessment committee among others. Of importance to note is that I was a cofounder of the SAF (student advocating for a future) Pham, a pharmacy group that addresses important issues in the pharmacy department as well as initiating advancement in the profession as students. I believe that given the opportunity, I can prove myself a leader and a scholar. I fared well in class despite the obligations and I know given the opportunity I can prove my worth in the dentistry department.

I am a member of various professional bodies, including the Canadian pharmacists association, Alberta pharmacists association, the Alberta body building association among others. I would appreciate being part of the dentistry professional body having been accredited as a result of my participation and qualifications. The time has come for my childhood dream and passion to be fulfilled. I learnt pharmacy, but my zeal was in dentistry. Given the opportunity, I will be able to help many people in need with my experience in pharmacy and dentistry.