Speech Essay on Students for Philanthropy Recruitment Speech

Students for Philanthropy Recruitment Speech

January 12, 2014 was a remarkable day in the history of Haiti as the country marked the fourth anniversary of the tragic 7.3 magnitude earthquake. This day not only allows us to remember our people who perished but also reminds us of our role in standing up for others in time of need and make a difference in their lives. More than 4 years now, our brothers and sisters in Haiti still endure the pain of broken structures. Children are not spared either; they confront diseases and miss quality education. Because of what our people are going through, I urge you to rise and make a difference in someone’s life.

On 12 January 2010, people lost all they live for. They became homeless and paupers in a twinkle of an eye. More than 200,000 people died with 300,000 sustaining severe injuries (“Haiti Earthquake: 4 Years Later” n.d). Besides these breathtaking effects, millions became homeless, with an outbreak of cholera months later worsening the situation. As hapless as it appeared, several humanitarian organizations came together to address it, including Oxfam and Red Cross. Through these concerted efforts, it is evident that Haiti has made progress with over 89% of displaced persons now in decent houses (“Owning the Future: Haitians Taking the Lead in Reconstruction’’ n.d). It is worth noting that voluntary services have helped Haiti to recover and this support is still needed to move the nation and people forward.

This is the time for every one of us to stand up and do something. In this regard, I am extremely happy to announce that members of ‘Students for Philanthropy’ organization, which I lead wholeheartedly, will dedicate six weeks of their time, assisting the people of Haiti. This will include accommodation, travel and food expenditure. I therefore with humility, welcome you as my class members to join me in this life-saving experience as we share love with the people of Haiti. Let us go and give hope to orphans and those who are starving and reassure them that they will see tomorrow regardless of what today holds.

Ladies and gentlemen, a lot has to be done to move Haiti from the state of disaster to a nation of hope and productivity. Moreover, we are the people to actualize this process. In particular, the locals lack the capacity to move forward the country. To recover from the current state, Haiti needs manpower. The commitment we sign today will go a long way in supporting the reconstruction process. It is unthinkable to spend a night in a tattered structure, with the whole family, exposed to the chilly nights, without water and with no sanitation. It becomes worse when you know that the situation will not change even when tomorrow comes. This is not an imagination as more than 150,000 people in Haiti live under these conditions. You and I know that they never chose to be in this state but nature chose for them.

Besides poor housing ladies and gentlemen, cholera remains a true threat to the people of Haiti to-date because of poor sanitation. According to Oxfam, cases of Cholera in Haiti accounted for half of the cases reported globally (“Owning the Future: Haitians Taking the Lead in Reconstruction” n.d). This clearly captures the gravity of the matter. However, with partnerships between Haiti and humanitarian organizations, there has been a drop in infections. There is need to adopt new technology to make water accessible to everyone in order to combat this epidemic. Haiti needs us in rebuilding basic infrastructure and enhance the country’s food security for sustainability. People of Haiti should not lose hope of seeing tomorrow because of water. Together, we can do something and solve this problem.

With water, the people of Haiti will farm, become employed and live a better life free from hopelessness. With our quality education, I have no doubt that we have something to give in terms of equipping the people of Haiti with entrepreneurial skills to help them establish businesses and become independent. Every great idea the world has ever known began as a tiny seed in an individual. The story of Virgin Group is a true picture of how small ideas can revolutionize the world (Clear n.d). The assistance you offer today could be what the people of Haiti need to realize their potential once again.

In Haiti today, we have the next Oprah Winfrey and Sir Richard Branson of tomorrow. Ladies and gentlemen, what these people need is a word of hope from you. A reassurance that, yes, they can make it.

Everyone needs an education to enjoy a better tomorrow. Even the children of Haiti, who are missing this basic need, have a right to have it. Because they have no one to take care of their siblings, thousands of these children do not have hope for a better future because they lack quality education. They desperately need us to help in childcare as they attend school. I have no doubt that this will put a smile on their faces and rejuvenate their fading hope.

All Haiti needs is us and now is the time to make a difference of taking action. Let us be the heroes in Haiti today for the sake of having a future generation of successful men and women who will see no regret even with the memories of the earthquake. Let us join hands and make this dream true. Ladies and gentlemen, let us go to Haiti.


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