The Role Of The Internet In Marketing Research & Decision-Making

Marketing Research Article

 Business Intelligence: The Role Of The Internet In Marketing Research And Business Decision-Making

The article points out the significant determinants of the business intelligence discipline and the perspectives applicable in marketing practice. The article examines the primary role internet has been playing in the marketing research and the involved implications it has on the aspect of decision making. Although most of the companies tend to conduct numerous research methods, especially in offline environments, the article examines the significance of Web opportunities mostly in conducting cases of Web segmentation and the collection of consumer data (Kursan and Mihić 69). As a result of the different perceptions that exist concerning the vital roles the internet plays, the article tries to emphasize on the efforts of the established interactive channels that are meant to serve in informational nature and as a powerful research based tool. Numerous data collection and techniques used in analysis are also discussed in the article that may assist companies in taking advantage of the Web as one of the primary corporate resources.

The article emphasizes on business intelligence based on real time information meant to support reporting on an organizational level. The concept of business intelligence as analyzed in the article is much broader since it encompasses a multiple of methodologies and tools meant to enable users to connect to all business processes (Kursan and Mihić 70). The article elaborates that an efficient business intelligence concept tends to connect information technology and business in order for the available resources to be allocated in respect to own capacities. This also includes the provision of intelligent solutions to arising business problems. As depicted in the article, the aspect of business intelligence incorporates many business processes such as supply chain management, enterprise resource planning and consumer relationship management into various business applications (Kursan and Mihić 71). This is to serve as the primary source of business data to be extracted through the assistance of business intelligence tools including data mining and reporting. The article reports that such concepts can be turned into valuable business information, analytics that when companies tend to base their decisions upon, success is guaranteed (Kursan and Mihić 85).

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