Thesis Builder

Thesis Builder

A thesis builder can be defined as an online application that helps students in developing or creating thesis statements. A company that offers thesis writing services is sometimes called a thesis builder. A thesis statement is a single sentence or two sentences that appear towards the end of the introduction of a paper or essay providing a concise summary of the claim or main point of the paper or essay.

The entire paper or essay is developed around the stated thesis statement. This statement is also developed, explained and supported throughout the process of writing a paper or essay using evidence and examples. Apart from enabling the writer to organize thoughts and ideas as well as to come up with a way of writing the paper or essay, a thesis statement acts as a signal for the readers. This makes it a very important component of any scholarly essay or paper.

What a thesis builder does

This online tool allows students to plug in their paper or essay topic, express their opinion on that particular topic and provide supporting arguments as well as counter arguments. On the basis of this information, the tool generates a sketchy thesis statement that is worth discussing. Basically, it enables students who struggle with thesis statements to develop discussion-worthy thesis statements with ease.

Why you should use this tool to write a thesis statement

If you have difficulties in writing a thesis statement for your academic paper or essay, you should consider using this tool or seek our professional thesis statement help. This is because without a good thesis statement, you cannot write a strong paper or essay. Your academic paper or essay should basically be anchored on your thesis statement. A good thesis statement acts as a summary of your argument in an academic paper or essay. You should use a thesis builder to write a thesis statement or seek professional help if you cannot write a strong thesis statement.

This is because:

  • Your thesis statement should tell readers how you intend to interpret the significance of your subject matter in the paper or essay.
  • It should provide a road map in the paper or essay. Thus, it should tell readers in a clear manner what they should expect from your paper or essay.
  • A good thesis statement should answer the asked question directly. It should interpret the subject or question instead of being the subject itself.
  • Your paper or essay should have a thesis statement that makes a clear claim that can be disputed by others.
  • To be effective and strong, a thesis statement should be one sentence that presents the main argument of the paper or essay to the readers. The rest of the essay or paper should be about gathering and organizing evidence for persuading readers about the logic of the interpretation of the stated thesis statement.

If you cannot come up with a thesis statement with these attributes, you should use this tool or seek professional help with thesis statement.

When to include a thesis statement in your paper or essay

If your writing assignment requires you to develop an argument, take a clear position or develop your claim on an issue or subject, you might have to convey your claim or position using a thesis statement near the beginning of the draft. Your writing assignment might not state that you should come up with a thesis statement explicitly because the assumption of the instructor is that you know this and you will definitely include one.

Nevertheless, most writing assignments require students to develop and defend a thesis statement. When your assignment requires you to analyze, interpret, compare, contrast, demonstrate or even take a specific stand on a given issues, it is most likely requiring you to come up with a thesis statement and support it in a persuasive manner.

How to use a thesis builder to develop a thesis statement

Considering the important role that is played by a thesis statement, many students have problems when it comes to developing a thesis statement. Fortunately, developing a thesis statement using this online tool is easy. You simply need a topic of your paper or essay, opinions on that topic and reasons for supporting your opinion as well as the reasons why your opinion might be opposed by others.

To build a thesis statement using this tool, you simply answer the following questions:

  1. What is the topic that you intend to write a paper or essay about?


Electric cars

  1. What is your main opinion of this topic?


Cars that use fossil fuels should be replaced by electric cars.

  1. What is the strongest argument or reason that supports your opinion?


Fossil fuels are harmful to the environment.

  1. What is the second argument or reason that supports your opinion?


Electric cars provide an ideal solution to the country’s reliance on foreign oil supply.

  1. What is the main argument that opposes your opinion?


Manufacturing electric cars is currently very costly.

  1. What is a possible title for your paper or essay?


Electric Cars

After answering these questions, you simply click on the “build a thesis” link. The tool generates a thesis for you automatically. In this case for instance, a thesis statement can be as follows:

“Although manufacturing electric cars is currently very costly, they should replace the cars that are run using fossil fuels since electric cars provide a solution to the country’s reliance on fossil oils and the use of fossil fuels is harmful to the environment.”

What a thesis builder brings out

Although the final thesis statement that is generated by this tool is not the best thesis statement ever, the tool reveals the deficiencies of an argument.

These can be useful in raising questions like:

  • Was the used language general or vague?
  • Were there generalizations made in answering the questions?
  • Where did the tool require the answers to be more specific?
  • Was the stated topic overly broad?
  • Should the topic raise concern to anyone?

It is apparent that this web application exposes students to intellectual moves that experienced writers possess. Intellectual moves are simply the accepted ways or conventions of writing in academics. Usually, students and seasoned writers are taught these conventions deliberately or they can acquire them by reading or mimicking experienced writers.

Bonus tips on how to use a thesis builder

To use this tool effectively in building a thesis statement for your academic paper or essay, follow these instructions:

  • Answer all questions using short phrases instead of full sentences.
  • Avoid using periods or full stops at the end of the answers or even capital letter while starting your phrases.
  • Once you have answered all the questions, make sure that you have clicked on the “Build a thesis” link so that a window can appear with the thesis statement that the tool has built for you.
  • Go back to your answers and adjust them to smooth out your thesis statement until when certain that your thesis statement expresses your specific beliefs or that it makes clear sense. After this, click on the button for building a thesis again to have an updated thesis statement that indicates the changes that you made to your answers.
  • After the tool has built a thesis statement that you find appropriate for your research paper or essay, you can come up with an outline that gives your paper or essay a framework.
  • If uncertain whether the thesis statement generated by this online tool is appropriate for your academic paper or essay on the basis of your essay or paper topic, you can seek our professional editing help. Our experienced editors are always ready to offer you professional help when you need it.

Overall benefits of this tool

This tool is beneficial to students who encounter difficulties with thesis statements. This is because it makes avoiding the stress and frustrating experience of building a thesis statement possible. By simply answering a few, simple questions and following the specified instructions, the tool generates a thesis statement that can be defended in an academic paper or essay. Additionally, you can use it to practice writing thesis statements if you want to master the art of writing strong and effective thesis statements. Even if you know how to write a thesis statement, you can always use this tool to get ideas for your paper or essay body.

If you want to try using this tool to generate a thesis statement, click here.

Get online help with your thesis statement

If you have difficulties in writing a thesis statement for your academic essay or paper, get in touch with us any time for immediate help with thesis statement. You can also visit our website’s homepage for additional information regarding our professional writing and editing services. Alternatively, continue reading for more guidelines and tips for using a thesis builder as well as sample thesis statements on our blog.