University of Southern Indiana Recreation Fitness and Wellness Facility

University of Southern Indiana Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Facility

The Asst. program Director Christine Vounston points out that the Southern Indiana recreation, fitness, and wellness club is a private place or a member firm. She claims that the firm offers a variety of facilities that are designed to maintain and improve physical health and fitness. The members of this organization have a community outlook because they all go there with one goal of physical fitness. In addition, all members are always expected to conduct and behave as responsible members of the organization. The community principles do not allow or tolerate abusive language or inappropriate actions from the members because this leads to loss of advantages to the members. Furthermore, this organization is a community because none of the members is allowed to intimidate, harass, fight or misuse any equipment of the organization since this leads to legal action or further disciplinary measures (Hardcastle, Powers & Wenocur 2011).

According to Jack, the Southern Indiana recreation, fitness, and wellness organization offers classes for group fitness as well as classes for small training groups that fit the requirements of its members and students. In addition, powered by challenging exercises, high-power music, and encouraging instructors, groups classes are made in a way that makes the members’ fitness objective easily achievable by providing them with energizing and fun workouts. Moreover, the organization enables its members to make other friends with individuals who enjoy a similar active way of living or motivate their old friends to come out with them. This has made the organization to be the most desirable gym place for the majority of university students (Hardcastle, Powers & Wenocur 2011).

In references to their weakness, Kattyn Holman, one of the front desk claimed that Southern Indiana recreation, fitness, and wellness members who are mostly university students find it hard to access some of the instructors because the time schedule for the instructors differs from the time schedule of the university classes. However, this organization provides over 100,000sq meters of recreation space. The organization facilities include weight and cardio machine areas, a room for free weights, three courts for multipurpose, women and men’s locker places with showers, a climbing center, rooms for group exercise, checkout equipment, computer lab, room for games, and a lactation room. To be a member of this organization, a person only needs to register as a university recreation member and obtain a membership card (Hardcastle, Powers & Wenocur 2011)


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