What would you do if you were in the titanic when it went down

The Titanic

The Titanic passenger liner sank in the early morning of the 15th of April 1912. The tragedy took place in the North Atlantic Ocean, four days after its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City began. Back in that time, the Titanic was the largest passenger liner in operation. It is estimated that on the date of the event, the ship had 2,224 people on board. The liner struck an iceberg at around 11.40 pm, on the 14th of April 1992. The drowning of the ship took approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes. The sinking of the Titanic was termed as one of the most deadly peacetime maritime disasters that killed more than 1500 people.

If I was there at the time when the liner was sinking, I could have been terrified. First of all, I could have been shocked beyond measure. I would have screamed and burst into tears. I would have made a prayer to God, to help us not to die, even when I was sure we were going to die. I would have put my knees down, praying to God , and asking to save me, but seeing the chaos of people rushing and trying to escape I would stand up and do the same.  I would have been restless, not knowing what exactly to do.

After a moment of terror, I would have accepted that we were going to either die or survive. I would have tried to help any children to escape from the ship.  I would have strived to get them a life vest. I would also have attempted to call upon everybody to save the children first. However, I am convinced the rich people in the upper did not care about the others.

Being a student, I would probably have been in the lower class. The chances of me having a lifeboat could have been minimal. I could try so hard to secure one place there, but I am sure it would have been impossible. After missing a lifeboat, I would have been so desperate, in a dilemma on whether to jump out and sink on my own, or just sit and wait for the liner to sink completely. I would have been confused and calling upon everybody to save my life. I could not help but think about my parents, my brothers, and sisters. In a moment I could have imagined how they were going to receive the news. A flash of thoughts could have come to my mind of how I was going to die and miss all the people I loved and who loved me back as well. I would have called out their names, as if they were heard me. After all the thoughts I could have called for God to save me for my loved ones.

Finally, I would have lost hope. Having watched the rich men getting out and leaving us all alone, and the ship sinking more, I would have surrendered my life to God. I would have sat in a corner, with somebody who had become my friend that moment. I would have asked them to pray with me, as we hoped for a miracle that was never going to happen.

Just a thought of what I would have done at the time when the ship was sinking is terrifying. It must have been a horrific experience with mixed reactions. It feels sad to think of the people who died in the tragedy. May the departed souls rest in eternal peace.