Who is God, and what are His characteristics?

World view

Who is God, and what are His characteristics?

Most religions differ in their view and understanding about God. However, my belief about God is sourced from biblical perspective. I believe in reality of Supreme Being, that humanity does not play part in His existence. I consider God to be omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all knowing) and omnipresent (all places). God knows everything, has all powers and can be present in different location at the same time. It is not possible for any other power to interfere with the aspect of time except God (Stel et al, 2013). Existence of humanity is totally dependent on God’s power and supply. In this case the Supreme-Being is God and He is in charge of His creation. I believe in trinity of God; God the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Every part of the trinity plays role in order to attain the fullness of God. God’s character is manifested through Agape love, which is unconditional love of God to mankind. It is this love that made God the Father, to send His only son on the world to aid in the redemption of mankind (John 3:16).

What is a human being, and what happens when one dies?

According to Stel et al (2013), “human being is a spirit with a soul living in a body” p.399. This means that human beings are triune beings, having three vital components that have different functions; body (flesh), Soul (mind) and the spirit. The spirit is the venue where God communicates with the human being in order to accomplish His divine purpose in humanity. Spirit provides human beings with an opportunity to access the spiritual reams and relate with super natural forces. The soul provides emotions and intellectual ability that gives man different reasoning from other animals. The body provides shelter to the spirit and provides human beings the ability to access the physical world. In the account of creation God formed human being differently from other animal. In His creation process, God manifested His likeness through one of his creation, human being.

What is the nature of the universe?

The universe was made by God with mechanism that helps to regulate its existence. It is impossible for human being to understand how the universe was formed without the knowledge of the Creator (Moreland & Craig, 2003). This is because the universe existed or was formed before man was formed and therefore the only reliable source about the creation of the universe is God. In order for God to convey information about things that happened long before the creation of a man, He inspired people who wrote the bible. I therefore, believe in the creation theory whereby God created the heaven and the earth and everything that is found in them. There must have been a power that shaped the universe and provided harmony of pattern to things in the universe. Without God’s hand in creation nothing could be formed and therefore all the systems are maintained by His powers. The matter, time and space had a genesis which was determined by God and the way universe was designed was in the mind of God. Nothing happened in the process of creation without the power of God.

How do you know what you know? How do you know what is true?

For a person to know something there must a source of information. In most cases, information is passed from one person to another, or through reading works of other people. Therefore, there is a great need for proof in order to ascertain what may be considered true or fact. I believe in getting proof in order to be strongly convinced of what is fact. However, there is a different dimension when handling the subject of truth. Biblically, Jesus Christ is the truth that the world needs in order to be approved of God (John 14:6). This means that any other way apart from the way of Christ in not the true way. I strongly believe in the example that Christ set for mankind to follow as true way that leads to God’s purpose.

What is right and wrong, or how can we know that there is a right and wrong?

The bible provides the gauge that help to ascertain the right and the wrong. The ultimate standard for right and wrong is God’s word or the Holy Bible. The life of Jesus provides an example to Christians on what should be done and what should not be done. It is not possible for a person to determine his/her way of living, God has a plan that a person should follow in order to attain the purpose of his/her living. I believe in the Holy Spirit who guides people to the divine purpose of God. It is only God who determines what is wrong and what is right. In this way God’s supremacy is manifested to mankind.

Is life pointless, or is there purpose?

Considering the reality of death, it is easier to conclude that life is worthless and pointless. Considering the case of King Solomon who had everything needed in life and yet he argued that everything is vanity (Ecclesiastes 1:14). The true meaning of life comes when a person discovers the divine purpose of God in his or her life. When God created the first man, He had a plan for his life and the same case applies to all human beings. When people realize God’s intention for their creation, a new paradigm comes to their life and they start living in eternity in Gods kingdom (Dockery & Thornbury, 2002). Despite the fact that a person remain in the world until death, it is possible to live in eternity once you realize God’s purpose for your creation. When a person fails to understand the divine purpose in life, life becomes difficult and lacks meaning.

What core commitments are consistent with my worldview, and how do they make an impact on my life

My world view determines decisions that I make in life. How I understand God determines how I worship and manifest in my behaviour. A person’s world view determines the course of his/her actions. My world view determines my relationship with others and provides a venue of interacting with people who have the same believes. Normally a person conducts himself/herself in a manner that suggests what he/she believes in (Dockery & Thornbury, 2002). The aspect of war and terrorism comes as a result of different world view that people have. Some people justify what others consider to be wrong and therefore it is difficult for the world to stay without conflicts.


My world view has enabled me to peacefully relate with people of different culture and language. I believe that human being depends on one another and therefore respecting other people’s opinion is vital in ensuring good relationship with others. I like treating other well and my actions are based on my belief on life after death. Whatever I do now determine how I will spend my eternity, either in a place of everlasting joy in heaven or in a place of suffering in hell. Therefore, it is important to understand the world view of different religions and cultural group in order to relate with them in the best way possible.
















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