Women’s & gender studies Paper on Gender Norms

Assignment Details
The best insights into gender identity come from asking people about their life experiences and perceptions. For this Assignment, you will interview three people to learn about their personal gender experiences. Choose the people you interview based on the following criteria: One of the people that you interview must have either grown up in a different culture than you or is a person who has traveled extensively, one person must be older than you, and one person must be younger than you.

Use the following steps to complete this Assignment:

Develop a list of questions that will help you to understand more about the gender norms and ideals of another culture or time.
Conduct the Interview. Ask the questions you prepared beforehand. Remember to probe for the respondent’s ideas about how culture and the gender norms are related. Ask for specific examples to substantiate responses. Take notes. DO NOT include the notes or your questions in your paper.
Write the paper. Use the interview data you gathered to compare and contrast gender ideals in another culture to those of Western societies. The paper should be five pages long. Page One should be the title page, Page Five should be the reference page. Pages Two, Three, and Four should contain your text. Substantiate your ideas with at least two academic references. Your paper should also include the following guidelines:
Paper starts with an introduction that explains the “who, what, and why” of the interview.
The Discussion of data includes direct quotes and examples from the respondent.
A conclusion is made about the ways that history, culture and globalization have influenced gender construction in the culture that was investigated.