Write about a life changing opportunity you have missed

Write about a life changing opportunity you have missed

It was a bright Tuesday. I was excited to see a new day that carried with it new life opportunities. This was absolutely true for this day. As I sat on the dining table taking my breakfast, I received a call from one of the international airline companies for an interview.

Earlier in the year, I had seen an open travel opportunity for teenagers in the papers and decided to apply for it. To qualify for entry into the draw, I had to write a short essay on my dream destination country and continent. I quickly wrote the essay and submitted it within the two-month duration. Only twenty of all the applicants would be selected for an interview and this call indicated that I was lucky enough to be among them.

The interview, scheduled for the following week required that I was to be at the company premises by 9 a.m. My parents were so excited for me and woke me up very early on the fateful day. My father decided to drop me off since I was still a minor. We left home at exactly 8 a.m hoping that thirty minutes were sufficient for us.

Along the last turn to the company premises, we met many cars stuck in traffic. There was a fatal accident ahead and none of the vehicles could find the way. With thirty minutes to go, I started to panic. I was sure that the road would clear up, which never happened.

I openly missed the chance for this interview. Information from some of the interviewees indicated that the interview was all about timekeeping. I needed to be there on time and win my dream destination ticket, which was a weeklong tour to Australia. I was broken, hurt, and discouraged. I missed the opportunity of a lifetime.