Zivad Aldawood-The Greek Puzzle

Zivad Aldawood-The Greek Puzzle

My accomplice, Mr. Steve and I are passionate about researching individual and private information for the purpose of private investigations. Having been given the name Zivad Aldawood, I thought that the process would just be as easy as the rest of the profiles. I thought that with all the social media available, I would be able to get all the required information within an hour or two. Unfortunately, things did not turn out as I thought. This was as hard as the Greek puzzle.

During the first hour of my search, I logged onto my Facebook account to search for the names. Within seconds, I received close to fifty search results on my timeline. This made us totally confused. All the individuals on my search results shared these names. Steve and I resolved to search through Instagram before narrowing down to the Facebook search results. As we awaited the search results, only two individuals with at least one of these names; Zivad and Aldawood appeared. However, one of the names had the name Zee in brackets. Immediately, I had a feeling that that could be the person and I decided to search for the nickname on Facebook. Again, I got several search results and on checking through each of them I decided to settle on the one that revealed the subject’s town of origin; Orem Utah.

Going through the subject’s profile, we found out that he has lived in Salt Lake City Utah, Pocatello Idaho, and Riyadh Saudi Arabia. From his timeline on Facebook, we also found out that the subject attended Alsmou High School in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We were able to decipher from his Instagram pages that Aldawood attended Dar Alaloum middle school in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. On the Tweeter page, he appeared to have maintained his school up to the elementary level.

A look into Aldawood’s career life reveals that he attended the University of Utah. We were able to acknowledge that English was a second language due to the ESL program that he enrolled in the Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho. Luckily today, one is able to find one’s career path easily on LinkedIn. Since we so badly needed the details, we searched him up on the site and found out that the subject is still a university student working hard on his 21 Credits.

Aldawood’s basic career information on LinkedIn revealed to us that he had worked in Alahil’s Bank as a financial intern from June 2013 to 2014. He sharpened his skills in analyzing cash statements, preparing bank deposits, managing inventory and return items, budgeting duties, and processing petty cash requests. As a part-time sales clerk in Alfahad, he acquired skills in assisting customers, pricing and stocking sales floor, training new hires and customers on new electronics, and processing the returned items.

Despite having a difficult time at first in trying to find Aldawood’s information, a keener look at his profile on one of the platforms reveal that he is an above average student. Recently at Utah Valley University, he was able to perform well with a GPA of 3.6 in his Bachelor Degree in Finance. His main skills include reading and writing Arabic and English. He also has knowledge in Microsoft office applications. He prides himself on being a fast learner, hardworking, a team player and a person who can accurately multitask. Aldawood believes in integrity, honesty, and being genuine. He is also considerate, patient and social.