Personal Statement: Application to Kendall College

I have passion to pursue BA in Business Administration because the course will equip me with skills and knowledge, necessary to manage my currency company.  I prefer Business Administration because it teaches HR management and strategic planning, which are pillars of the modern business world. With these skills, I am certain that I will be in a better position to manage my business.

After my degree, I intend to use the knowledge to expand my business in term scope, market share and competitiveness. With professional skills from Kendall, I will attain a level of expertise and remain focused on realizing my potential. This will put me ahead in the industry, as I will have undisputable knowledge to drive my firm to higher level of performance.

I chose BA in Business Administration because of my interest entrepreneurial management. As an entrepreneur, I look forward to excelling in the administration of my company. I also believe in helping other people proper for the sake of collective growth of the firm. Unlike other fields, I believe that Business Administration offers a wide spectrum of skills, ranging from leadership, to human resource management.

I am coming to Kendall College with undergraduate experience from Malcolm X College and DePaul University in Chicago. With this experience, I now understand the needs of the undergraduate environment, in making efficient utilization of available resources, in achieving my academic objectives. Despite these, our family has stabilized and I am ready to concentrate in my studies and perform better.

I also have working experience in business administration. I have worked at Treasure Island Foods, H & M Customer Service Center, Prodigy Child Day Care, American Maintenance, and Waterford among others.  By serving in different positions, I have acquired immense experience and knowledge in customer relations, management and customer service.

I believe I will be the best fit in Kendall College, since you have holistic programs that suit my career objectives. I am interested in the college’s online program because of my professional commitments. Through this, I will be able to plan for my resources, including time for excellent performance.