Scholarship Application

My scholarship application is applicable in personal confidence on potential for the offer, value of scholarship and my performance. It applies given the opportunity to pursue my dreams and benefit my community. I am a second year pharmacy student at the Pharmacy school, University of Wyoming. My academic performances have been satisfactory and I have been awarded excellent academic grades with a 3.8 GPA score.

My academic excellence reflects my potential and promise for even better rewards in a residency program after completing my studies at the Pharmacy school. It also reflects my potential as a future pharmacist and to achieve my goals, a scholarship is of utmost importance and help to me.

Given the opportunity to pursue my residency program dream, I promise to earn the best experience as well as proper knowledge in Pharmacy. The program is also very crucial for competent performance, usefulness in my career life and my academic achievement. It is for these reasons that I request for scholarship because missing it will prevent me from achieving my goals in life.

The program is also important to me because of my financial uncertainty. With the right financial resources and support, I can get the best Pharmacy training and experience. These are very important for me for professionalism and competence in the field. I also need satisfactory and substantial support and resourcefulness to adequately enroll for the program.

With financial support and resourcefulness, I can perform exemplary well in the residency program. This is based on the fact that the program is convenient and helpful in many aspects. The scholarship shall also give me an exclusive opportunity to achieve my dreams in life. A career in Pharmacy has always my passion and dream since my childhood.

The scholarship would also add an incredible value in my life as it matches my subject area. It assures availability and motivation for excellent performance as well as success in the career field. I regard the career as noble because it helps to enhance the quality of life and health of members of the society.

I admire and wish to be a successful and competent pharmacist in my community. This is to promote health and make a personal contribution to better community development. The scholarship will also be valuable to members of the society at large.