Argument Essay: Diet and Exercise Help in Staying Healthy

Healthy living is essential in one’s life. Being healthy is holistic, as you should be physically, mentally and nutritionally fit. To be healthy does not only mean eating balanced diet; it equally involves good physical exercises. This is a challenge for most people, owing to the fact that modern society is embracing a sedentary lifestyle with devoid of physical exercises. It is important to note that you cannot tell whether a person is healthy or not unless you understand their diet against physical exercises. This essay supports the argument that healthy living encompasses balanced diet and reasonable physical exercises.

How many people have an eating plan? While this is a must have healthy tool, many people do not have an idea of what it does. To have an effective chart, consider your health conditions, age, and physical activities among other parameters. For example, young, healthy and physically active people are likely to eat more food as opposed to elderly and less active individuals. In making a diet-eating plan, consider fruits, cereals, dairy products, meat, sugar and fats until you get a befitting chart.

Diet is key in staying healthy. Everybody requires a balanced diet on a daily basis to remain healthy. You should master the nutritional value of the food you consume and make necessary adjustments whenever need arises. Today, people hardly feed on a balanced diet. Many have high intake of fats with less fiber. Besides this, plenty of water is undisputedly essential. However, taking water at the right time is paramount.

Physical exercises should also accompany healthy eating. Exercises lower your anxiety and depression levels as they regulate your mood. They give you a great feeling of freshness. There are varying physical exercises. One’s state, based on health conditions, and age, largely determine the nature of exercises. Research indicates that physical exercises reduce chances of becoming obese and developing complications, which stem from this like diseases of the heart, diabetes and hypertension.