Coursework Summary on Biblical Christian worldview and Scientific Method

A worldview can be useful in providing answers to some of the basic questions about the existence of a given thing, knowledge of its existence, the operation of various phenomena and behaviors that are classified as accepted and unaccepted. This is a diverse topic in that it looks into the questions that arise from various philosophical subjects like anthropology, ethics, epistemology, cosmology and meta-physics. Christians have certain beliefs about what is in existence, knowledge and truth, the good and bad, and also the way in which the universe operates.

The Christian beliefs are based on the Bible and as a whole, form the basis of the Biblical Christian Worldview. Those of the Christian faith believe that there is a harmonious co-existence of the material and non-material. Their knowledge is drawn from two sources, nature and divine revelation. Revelation is whereby God’s words are passed onto the people through the Holy Spirit and the Bible. The Scientific method on the other hand, is critical for obtaining knowledge through the study of the world. Christians are in full recognition that the world is filled with knowledge that can only be acquired through learning.

The scientific method enables humans to have a better understanding of the world through answering cause and effects of certain things. This is conducted in stages that start with the identification of the problem. In order to initiate the process, a researcher asks a question regarding a given observation. This leads to the second step that involves conducting background research to obtain some information that has been discovered about the problem to be solved. With the information, the researcher can then advance to the next stage that entails hypothesis formulation. The hypothesis should be stated in terms that are measurable then presented for testing.

Testing of the hypothesis is done by conducting experiments. Through the experiment, the researcher can acquire data about the relationships between variables that are independent and those that are not. With this, the researcher can then proceed to analyze the data and come up with a conclusion. Through the analysis, the researcher can ascertain the truthfulness or falsity of the hypothesis. The process can be repeated for purposes of verification.

In order to find truth and knowledge, the scientific method applied inductive and deductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning refers to the generation of a particular inference from a statement that is addressed generally. Inductive on the other hand, combines specific observations to give a general conclusion. It should however, be noted that the effectiveness of either of the two is varied.

Despite the difference on the basis of the Biblical Christian Worldview and Scientific method, the two complement each other and not conflicting as some may argue. Apart from just the two, humans can also seek knowledge and truth using other various avenues. These include intuition, rationalism, authority and experience. Human are known to be very curious beings, however, the extent to how they do it varies from one person to another. The tendency of humans to seek knowledge and truth depends on their intellectual ability, the interest that they have on the subject among other factors.