Cost Versus Benefits of Nuclear Power for the US

According the Population Data Center, the US population will grow by approximately 55 million in 20 years time. This implies that there will be a need for increased power to cater for the needs of the increased population. In addition, energy requirement in the US will increase by 21 percent. This energy should be productive, efficient and clean.

The US has to invest in projects that will generate more power at a reduced cost to meet these needs. It should also invest in projects that will enable it to minimize adverse effects on the environment. Nuclear power is one of the viable and dependable choices.

About 20 percent of power used in the US is nuclear power. Experts observe that for US to cater for its power needs in the future, nuclear power has to be exploited more. Currently, plans are underway to establish more nuclear plants in the US. The cost of establishing these power plants is lesser than that of establishing power plants for gas, oil and coal to some extents.

Operational costs of nuclear power are also minimal when compared to those of other sources of energy.  For instance, to deplete uranium sample takes about 540 days. This is less than other sources of energy such as gas and coal. This implies that purchasing the fuel for producing nuclear power is less costly which reduces operational costs.

Constructing nuclear plant is somehow costly. This is because there are safety measures that must be involved to prevent leakages of radiation as well as other malfunctions. This makes the cost of establishing a nuclear plant higher than that of renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar.

However, despite these environmental concerns, nuclear power has a potential of creating more jobs which will help in dealing with high unemployment rate in the US.  In addition, the established nuclear plants will generate local and state tax which is estimated to be about $20 million per year.

In conclusion, nuclear power will impact on the US economy positively and help in sustaining the infrastructure of this country.  The goal should be to establish more nuclear power plants to generate clean energy and increase energy output.